Conference clash: Versailles boys track and field win title as Lake area athletes find success in conference meets

Michael Losch
Lake Sun Leader
Versailles track and field athletes celebrate the boys conference title at the Tri-County Conference meet on May 6 in California. It is the second conference championship in program history after a title in 2018.

A conference championship, individual conference titles and the breaking of school records summarized the highlights in the final week of the regular season for track and field athletes around the Lake area. 

Camdenton athletes met their fellow competitors in the Ozark Conference in a meet on Wednesday in Springfield and Versailles, Eldon and Osage athletes battled with the rest of the Tri-County Conference at California on Thursday. As an opportunity to gain some momentum before the postseason begins- where results will determine how long the journey continues for any athlete- that is precisely what some Lake area athletes found.

For Versailles, there is plenty of momentum to go around after the boys captured the second conference title in program history. The Tigers got it done with 139 team points for their first title since 2018, and finished with 18 more than any other school. 

"The meet started with 16 mile per hour winds and we knew it wasn't going to be about times, but finishing where you are supposed to. Our kids went above and beyond that with multiple personal records, better placings and in some fashions, dominating performances," said Versailles coach Aaron Allen who oversees both the boys and girls programs. 

The Osage boys captured third among the eight Tri-County schools with 82 points behind Southern Boone's 121 and Eldon finished sixth amongst the pack with 54 points, respectively. While Versailles athletes were undoubtedly happy with their results across the board, Allen pointed out that no individual feat was enjoyed or achieved alone.

"I often hear about how track is an individual sport and it is about what a kid can do in their event, but when you can have a full roster and have the depth we have, it truly becomes a team and a unit for the common goal," he said.

"I hear our kids talking among themselves about where the points were at and what needed to be done in the next event. Our kids are hanging over the fence, cheering each other on," the coach continued. "It is a special environment and a special feeling watching this stuff happen. As a coaching staff, we are so proud of our kids and the program."

The Eldon girls were in pursuit of their sixth title in seven seasons after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the 2020 season. Blair Oaks was the lone team that stood in the way of making that happen as the Falcons racked up 169 points for the conference crown while the Mustangs put together 140 to finish second. Osage placed third with 71 points and Versailles finished seventh with 27. 

But, there were still some highlights along the way as school records found some new owners. Osage senior Sara Wolf became the new record holder in the 1,600 meter run with a time of 5:16, breaking the previous record of 5:25. Meanwhile, Eldon freshman Zoe Martonfi claimed a school record in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 46.81 seconds, breaking a record held by former Mustang Sara Rhine.

Over in the Ozark Conference, the Camdenton boys finished second amongst 10 schools with 119 points, trailing only Waynesville's 143. The Laker girls captured fourth place with 80 points and the conference title went to West Plains after the Zizzers finished with 140, ahead of Rolla (138.8) and Kickapoo (115.5).

Here are the results of each Lake area athlete who finished in the top eight:



-100 Meter Dash: Osage's Eric Hood (2nd) 11.86 seconds, Versailles' Kyle Flieger (7th) 11.96 and Osage's Derek Bradley (8th) 11.97

-200 Meter Dash: Versailles' Max Coleman (1st) 24.11, Versailles' Tye Edgar (4th) 24.65, Osage's Derek Bradley (6th) 25.04 and Osage's Ryan Watson (7th) 25.11

-400 Meter Dash: Versailles' Allan Rhorer (3rd) 54.5, Osage's Ryan Watson (4th) 55.2 and Osage's Corey Hubkey (6th) 56.29

-800 Meter Run: Eldon's Aidan Gerber (6th) 2:12.94 and Eldon's Tevin Eldridge (8th) 2:17.85

-1,600 Meter Run: Versailles' Seth Newton (2nd) 4:48.51, Eldon's Nathan Reynolds (3rd) 4:50.52, Osage's John Markovitz (6th) 4:57.54 and Versailles' Zach Radefeld (8th) 5:02.92

-3,200 Meter Run: Eldon's Nathan Reynolds (2nd) 10:27.32, Osage's John Markovitz (3rd) 10:39.32, Versailles' Seth Newton (5th) 11:04.62, Osage's Jaysen Groll (6th) 11:27.37 and Eldon's Jacob Arnold (8th) 11:42.19

-110 Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Nathaniel Buckler (4th) 17.93, Osage's Keigan Vaughn (5th) 18.26, Osage's Brayden Wallace (6th) 18.3 and Eldon's Hunter Arnold (7th) 19.67

-300 Meter Hurdles: Versailles' Max Coleman (1st) 43.09, Versailles' Mikhail Gulyayev (2nd) 43.97, Osage's Brayden Wallace (4th) 44.67, Eldon' Zachar Smithson (6th) 45.83 and Osage's Keigan Vaughn (7th) 47.02

-4x100 Relay: Versailles' Tye Edgar, Max Coleman, Nathaniel Buckler and Mikhail Gulyayev (2nd) 45.91; Osage's Derek Bradley, Talon Childs, Eric Hood and Devin Williams (5th) 47.31 and Eldon's Dakota Sieling, Evan Birdno, Zachary Smithson and Charlie Stickney (6th) 48.25

-4x200 Relay: Versailles' Nathaniel Buckler, Mikhail Gulyayev, Michael Bell and Max Coleman (1st) 1:35.11; Osage's Derek Bradley, Talon Childs, Keigan Vaughn and Ryan Watson (4th) 1:38.07 and Eldon's Charlie Stickney, Evan Birdno, Zander Burns and Nicholas Martonfi (7th) 1:43.81

-4x400 Relay: Versailles' Kyle Flieger, Michael Bell, Mikhail Gulyayev and Allan Rhorer (2nd) 3:39.07; Osage's Keigan Vaughn, Sawyer Claxton, Talon Childs and Ryan Watson (7th) 3:49.57 and Eldon's Zachary Smithson, Baylor Pearson, Aidan Gerber and Dakota Collins (8th) 3:50.52

-4x800 Relay: Versailles' Seth Newton, Zach Radefeld, Dagan Haggerman and Allan Rhorer (4th) 8:47.1; Eldon's Aidan Gerber, Dakota Collins, Tevin Eldridge and Nathan Reynolds (3rd) 8:55.54 and Osage's Jaysen Groll, Corey Hubkey, John Markovitz and Sawyer Claxton (4th) 8:56.22


-High Jump: Versailles' Justin Hamrick (1st) 1.82 meters, Versailles' Michael Bell (2nd) 1.82, Osage's Eric Hood (6th) 1.67, Eldon's Garrett Greenwalt (7th) 1.62 and Eldon's Hunter Arnold (8th) 1.62

-Pole Vault: Osage's Corey Hubkey (1st) 3.81, Osage's Talon Childs (2nd) 3.81, Versailles' Jacob Shrock (4th) 3.5, Eldon's Nicholas Martonfi (5th) 3.35, Versailles' Kyle Flieger (6th) 3.2 and Eldon's Tevin Eldridge (8th) 2.9

-Long Jump: Versailles' Justin Hamrick (1st) 5.86, Osage's Lucas Willenbrock (5th) 5.49, Versailles' Tye Edgar (7th) 5.33 and Eldon's Hunter Arnold (8th) 5.2

-Triple Jump: Versailles' Michael Bell (1st) 12.71, Osage's Lucas Willenbrock (4th) 11.56, Eldon's Baylor Pearson (5th) 11.21 and Eldon's Nicholas Martonfi (6th) 11.17

-Shot Put: Eldon's Colton Phillips (1st) 14.1, Versailles' Joseph Bland (2nd) 13.26, Eldon's Jasper DeGraffenreid (3rd) 13.17, Osage's Devin Williams (5th) 12.99 and Osage's Franklin Sallee (8th) 12.16

-Discus: Eldon's P.J. Bledsoe (2nd) 38.1, Osage's Devin Williams (4th) 35.58, Eldon's Austin Rush (5th) 35.36 and Osage's Franklin Salee (7th) 34.43

-Javelin: Osage's Harrison Drzewiecki (2nd) 40.3, Osage's Colten Sullivan (4th) 37.98 and Eldon's Levi King (7th) 31.12


-100 Meter Dash: Versailles' Nora Moreno (3rd) 13.79, Osage's Madison Kessler (4th) 13.97 and Osage's Gratian Adams (7th) 14.32

-200 Meter Dash: Eldon's Anmarie Dillon (5th) 29.97 and Versailles' Nora Moreno (6th) 30.1

-400 Meter Dash: Eldon's Karmen McNeil (6th) 1:06.67 and Osage's Juliana Bryant (8th) 1:09.23

-800 Meter Run: Osage's Sara Wolf (2nd) 2:26.38 and Osage's Bayley Johnson (4th) 2:36.96

-1,600 Meter Run: Osage's Sara Wolf (1st) 5:16.76, Osage's Juliana Bryant (4th) 5:50.27 and Eldon's Emily Guthrie (7th) 6:09.23

-3,200 Meter Run: Osage's Sara Wolf (3rd) 11:54.14, Eldon's Emily Guthrie (6th) 13:10.81 and Eldon's Vivian Wester (8th) 14:04.2

100 Meter Hurdles: Eldon's Zoe Martonfi (1st) 16.73, Eldon's Stevana Wixson (3rd) 17.9, Osage's Karissa Whyte (5th) 19.16 and Versailles' Lilyahna Hopkins (8th) 20.51

-300 Meter Hurdles: Eldon's Zoe Martonfi (1st) 46.81, Versailles' Keegan Bullock (6th) 55.34 and Eldon's Cassidy Prater (8th) 57.66

-4x100 Relay: Eldon's Anmarie Dillon, Makenna Imler, Chloe Ruark and Stevana Wixson (3rd) 54.75; Osage's Lauren Bartlett, Madison Kessler, Kathryn Meisner and Gratian Adams (5th) 56.41 and Versailles' Nora Moreno, Keegan Bullock, Maris Ollison and Katharina Baumgartner (6th) 57.8

-4x200 Relay: Eldon's Anmarie Dillon, Makenna Imler, Chloe Ruark and Stevana Wixson (3rd) 1:56.26; Osage's Samantha Moseley, Montana Walters, Emily Etherton and Karissa Whyte (4th) 2:02.54 and Versailles' Keegan Bullock, Albina Moreno, Brooklyn Billman and Katharina Baumgartner (5th) 2:02.7

-4x400 Relay: Eldon's Karmen McNeil, Makenna Imler, Chloe Ruark and Zoe Martonfi (3rd) 4:21.12; Osage's Juliana Bryant, Katherine Wolf, Bayley Johnson and Madison Kessler (4th) 4:39.19 and Versailles' Albina Moreno, Keegan Bullock, Brooklyn Billman and Nora Moreno (5th) 4:41.24

-4x800 Relay: Osage's Bayley Johnson, Juliana Bryant, Sara Wolf and Katherine Wolf (3rd) 10:48.24 and Eldon's Savannah Holder, Ashton Graham, Taylor Spriggs and Emily Guthrie (5th) 11:32.17


-High Jump: Eldon's Chloe Ruark (1st) 1.45, Eldon's Camryn Marriott (5th) 1.37 and Osage's Madison Crossno (6th) 1.37

-Pole Vault: Osage's Madison Kessler (1st) 2.74, Eldon's Heather Harbison (2nd) 2.54 and Eldon's Joy Rollins (5th) 1.97

-Long Jump: Eldon's Stevana Wixson (2nd) 4.48, Osage's Gratian Adams (4th) 4.38, Versailles' Katharina Baumgartner (5th) 4.26 and Osage's Karissa Whyte (8th) 4.16

-Triple Jump: Eldon's Zoe Martonfi (1st) 10.25, Eldon's Cassidy Prater (4th) 9.0, Osage's Lauren Bartlett (5th) 8.66 and Osage's Emily Etherton (8th) 8.55

-Shot Put: Eldon's Patricia Patton (1st) 11.29, Versailles' Maris Ollison (2nd) 9.95, Eldon's Taylor Henderson (3rd) 9.88 and Osage's Natalie Jones (8th) 8.03

-Discus: Eldon's Taylor Henderson (1st) 32.26, Eldon's Sayge Hankey (4th) 26.94, Versailles' Maris Ollison (5th) 24.37 and Osage's Kaitlyn Jones (7th) 21.02

-Javelin: Eldon's Addi Davis (1st) 31.88, Eldon's Cassidy Prater (4th) 28.45, Versailles' Maris Ollison (5th) 28.19 and Osage's Madison Crossno (8th) 24.85



-100 Meter Dash: Camdenton's Angel Dickerson (1st) 11.11 seconds and Camdenton's Joel Mason (2nd) 11.17

-200 Meter Dash: Camdenton's Angel Dickerson (1st) 22.66 and Camdenton's Joel Mason (3rd) 22.81

-800 Meter Run: Camdenton's Benjamin Hauck (7th) 2:07.05

-110 Meter Hurdles: Camdenton's Parker Wormek (1st) 15.29 and Camdenton's Brayden Blackman (5th) 17.44

-300 Meter Hurdles: Camdenton's Brayden Blackman (2nd) 40.65 and Camdenton's Parker Wormek (4th) 42.96

-4x100 Relay: Camdenton's Mitchel Sexe, Parker Wormek, Angel Dickerson and Joel Mason (1st) 43.04

-4x200 Relay: Camdenton's Barrett Shore, Brayden Blackman, Andre Bailey and Noah Breuer (6th) 1:36.51


-High Jump: Camdenton's Kyle Christiansen (8th) 5 feet and 5 inches

-Long Jump: Camdenton's Angel Dickerson (1st) 21-08.75 and Camdenton's Joel Mason (2nd) 21-04

-Triple Jump: Camdenton's Brayden Sheppard (7th) 40-00

-Pole Vault: Camdenton's Dane Lapine (1st) 13-05.75 and Camdenton's Mason Weber (3rd) 10-05.5

-Discus: Camdenton's Zane Thompson (8th) 122-10

-Javelin: Camdenton's Peyton Kopiske (4th) 144-08.5


-400 Meter Dash: Camdenton's Alexis Stroup (2nd) 1:01.76

-800 Meter Run: Camdenton's Georgi Carolus (6th) 2:36.61

-1,600 Meter Run: Camdenton's Cambrie Kowal (7th) 5:50.43

-100 Meter Hurdles: Camdenton's Sarah Holmes (6th) 18.35

-300 Meter Hurdles: Camdenton's Sarah Holmes (8th) 53.41

-4x100 Relay: Camdenton's Katelyn Hilton, Nora Powers, Ellie Ezard and Elizabeth McMahon (7th) 54.5

-4x400 Relay: Camdenton's Georgi Carolus, Kylie Doyle, Sarah Holmes and Alexis Stroup (7th) 4:34.83

-4x800 Relay: Camdenton's Cambrie Kowal, Georgi Carolus, Kylie Doyle and Alexis Stroup (3rd) 10:24.86


-High Jump: Camdenton's Lily Wiethop (5th) 4-09 and Camdenton's Nora Powers (6th) 4-07

-Long Jump: Camdenton's Mya Hulett (6th) 15-08.5

-Triple Jump: Camdenton's Mya Hulett (3rd) 32-11.75

-Pole Vault: Camdenton's Elizabeth McMahon (3rd) 8-11.75 and Camdenton's Ellie Ezard (5th) 8-11.75

-Discus: Camdenton's Adelyn Enos (4th) 103-11.25 and Camdenton's Alexandra Dickerson (5th) 102-07

-Javelin: Camdenton's Nora Powers (1st) 120-05.75 and Camdenton's Lily Wiethop (2nd) 108-11.5

Michael Losch is the Sports Editor at the Lake Sun. He can be reached at or 573-346-2132