Eldon girls, Versailles boys continue winning ways in track and field

Michael Losch
Lake Sun Leader
Eldon's Zoe Martonfi.

Winning may start to become a hobby for the track and field programs at Eldon and Versailles. 

After taking home first place in the Blair Oaks Invitational on March 26, the Eldon girls were victorious again at Linn on Thursday while the Versailles boys responded to their win at Butler on March 27 with a win at Linn as well in their second meet of the year where scores were kept. 

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The Eldon girls bested the field of 17 schools with 127.5 team points, just edging Hermann’s 127 while the Versailles boys racked up 109 points to finish 11 points ahead of any other school. Meanwhile, the Versailles girls finished 16th with 12 points and the Eldon boys took fifth with 61. 

“Our kids performed very well after a tough week. We got home late from North Callaway on Tuesday and had a recovery day on Wednesday, knowing if we could power through we had a long weekend,” Versailles coach Aaron Allen said, noting no team scores were kept at North Callaway. “Shoutout to Tye Edgar and Justin Hamrick who came to jump in their events and then jumped in a car to come home to play a baseball game. If we didn’t have those kids we would not have pulled off first place. As a team, I’m pleased with where we are and the performances. We had a lot of personal records Thursday and our kids still seem to stay hungry. 

“Our girls team is so young and we are trying to figure out where everyone is going to fit. Our boys team is hitting their stride and trusting all we do.” 

Versailles' Michael Bell.

The Eldon girls needed results from every athlete to make up the half point difference that gave the Mustangs the edge. That did not go unnoticed for coach Tobby Eldridge.

"We were fortunate enough to have some girls step in and get us some points that came up big at the end of the meet in Joy Rollins and Sayge Hankey. It was an exciting day for us," he said. "My 4x400 relay team couldn't believe it was coming down to the last race, again, in order to decide the winner. As a coach, I love moments like that, and I think it really helps a team out in the long run if they can have chances to be in tough competition and feel the pressure this early in a season.

"I feel like having to compete and win by half a point is much better for our team in the long run than winning by 20 points."

Versailles will return to action for the Laker Relays in Camdenton on April 13. Eldon’s next meet is scheduled for Thursday at Montgomery County.

Here are the results of all Mustang and Tiger athletes who finished in the top eight and earned points for their team: 


-100 Meter Dash: Versailles’ Nora Moreno (7th) 14.45 seconds

-200 Meter Dash: Eldon’s Caroline Beckmann (1st) 27.81

-400 Meter Dash: Eldon’s Makenna Imler (3rd) 1:07.85 and Eldon’s Karmen McNeil (6th) 1:09.62

-100 Meter Hurdles: Eldon’s Zoe Martonfi (1st) 17.35, Eldon’s Stevana Wixson (2nd) 18.45

-300 Meter Hurdles: Eldon’s Zoe Martonfi (1st) 48.74, Eldon’s Stevana Wixson (3rd) 54.69 and Versailles’ Keegan Bullock (8th) 57.13

-4x100 Relay: Eldon’s Chloe Ruark, Cassidy Prater, Anmarie Dillon and Stevana Wixson (3rd) 56.53

-4x200 Relay: Eldon’s Chloe Ruark, Stevana Wixson, Anmarie Dillon and Cassidy Prater (4th) 2:00.53 and Versailles’ Stormie Drury, Keegan Bullock, Nora Moreno and Katharina Baumgartner (6th) 2:06.74

-4x400 Relay: Eldon’s Caroline Beckmann, Makenna Imler, Chloe Ruark and Zoe Martonfi (1st) 4:27.32

-4x800 Relay: Eldon’s Makenna Imler, Vivian Wester, Ashton Graham and Adysson Gerber (4th) 12:17.08


-High Jump: Eldon’s Chloe Ruark (5th) 3.5 meters

-Pole Vault: Eldon’s Heather Harbison (1st) 2.59 and Eldon’s Joy Rollins (7th) 1.98 

-Long Jump: Eldon’s Caroline Beckmann (5th) 4.22 and Eldon’s Cassidy Prater (6th) 4.17

-Triple Jump: Eldon’s Zoe Martonfi (2nd) 10 and Eldon’s Caroline Beckmann (3rd) 9.76

-Shot Put: Eldon’s Taylor Henderson (5th) 9.59

-Discus: Eldon’s Taylor Henderson (3rd) 32.4

-Javelin: Versailles’ Maris Ollison (3rd) 31.28, Eldon’s Addie Davis (5th) 25.86 and Eldon’s Sayge Hankey (8th) 24.64


-100 Meter Dash: Versailles’ Kyle Flieger (3rd) 12.35

-200 Meter Dash: Versailles’ Max Coleman (3rd) 24.71, Versailles’ Michael Bell (5th) 25.02 and Eldon’s Nicholas Martonfi (6th) 25.26

-400 Meter Dash: Versailles’ Allan Rhorer (2nd) 56.75 and Versailles’ Jacob Schrock (6th) 58.6

-800 Meter Run: Eldon’s Aidan Gerber (8th) 2:19.66

-1600 Meter Run: Versailles’ Seth Newton (5th) 4:57.16 and Eldon’s Nathan Reynolds (6th) 4:57.98

-3200 Meter Run: Eldon’s Nathan Reynolds (3rd) 10:57.83

-110 Meter Hurdles: Versailles’ Max Coleman (4th) 17.97 and Versailles’ Nathaniel Buckler (7th) 18.81

-300 Hurdles: Versailles’ Mikhail Gulyayev (3rd) 45.33, Versailles’ Nathaniel Buckler (6th) 48.06 and Eldon’s Zachary Smithson (8th) 48.64

-4x100 Relay: Versailles’ Kyle Flieger, Mikhail Gulyayev, Nathaniel Buckler and Max Coleman (2nd) 47.74 and Eldon’s Zachary Smithson, Charlie Stickney, Brayden King and Zander Burns (6th) 50.78

-4x200 Relay: Versailles’ Mikhail Gulyayev, Nathaniel Buckler, Michael Bell and Max Coleman (1st) 1:37.63 and Eldon’s Brayden King, Charlie Stickney, Zander Burns and Nicholas Martonfi (7th) 1:43.71

-4x400 Relay: Versailles’ Kyle Flieger, Mikhail Gulyayev, Zachary Radefeld and Allan Rhorer (2nd) 3:44.85 and Eldon’s Aidan Gerber, Baylor Pearson, Dakota Collins and Nathan Reynolds (5th) 3:58.6

-4x800 Relay: Eldon’s Garrett Greenwalt, Jacob Arnold, Dakota Collins and Aidan Gerber (5th) 9:28.76 and Versailles’ Seth Newton, Allan Rhorer, Ryley Pryor and Zachary Radefeld (6th) 9:31.18


-High Jump: Versailles’ Michael Bell (2nd) 1.82 and Versailles’ Justin Hamrick (3rd) 1.77

-Pole Vault: Eldon’s Nicholas Martonfi (4th) 3.05, Eldon’s Tevin Eldridge (5th) 3.05 and Versailles’ Kyle Flieger (7th) 2.89

-Long Jump: Versailles’ Tye Edgar (6th) 5.02

-Triple Jump: Versailles’ Michael Bell (1st) 11.76

-Shot Put: Eldon’s Colton Phillips (1st) 13.51, Eldon’s Jasper DeGraffenreid (3rd) 12.74 and Versailles’ Joseph Bland (5th) 12.12

-Discus: Eldon’s P.J. Bledsoe (2nd) 37.7

-Javelin: Eldon’s Levi King (8th) 32.69

Michael Losch is the Sports Editor at the Lake Sun. He can be reached at mlosch@lakesunonline.com or 573-346-2132