Lake area track and field programs show promise in first meets of the year

Camdenton and Eldon girls, Versailles boys capture wins as Osage and Macks Creek deliver results

Michael Losch
Lake Sun Leader
The Eldon girls track and field team celebrates their win at the Blair Oaks Invitational on March 26 in Wardsville.

If it has been two years since Lake area track and field programs have enjoyed the privilege of official competition, it may not have been easy to tell considering the way local athletes started.

Finally having the opportunity to start a season since the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled everything a year ago, it seems some teams have already shaken off the proverbial rust by capturing some wins in the first week of action. The Camdenton girls made their debut with a win at Lebanon on Friday while the Eldon girls were victorious at Blair Oaks and the Versailles boys earned a win at Butler on Saturday.

Meanwhile, athletes at Osage and Macks Creek also got things started with a few highlights Friday night as the Indians hosted five schools in an unofficial meet while the Pirates also visited Lebanon along with Camdenton.


The Camdenton girls, not far removed from a state championship run in 2017 and third place state finish the following season, bested four other schools in the Lebanon Relays Friday night with 155 points and finished with 18 more points than any other team. Meanwhile, the boys placed fourth with 109 while Francis Howell racked up 194 points of their own. 

“Very pleased with the entire day,” Camdenton coach John McNabb said. “Truly a team effort as we scored in every event and in a lot of cases had two athletes score. The whole night was exciting and seemed like it went by really fast. The kids seemed to really be into the competition, we got a lot of kids involved and they had a great time.” 

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Listed below are the top eight finishes by all Laker athletes: 

Camdenton's Elizabaeth McMahon.

Girls Track Events

-200 Meter Dash: Katelyn Hilton (6th) 30.03 seconds

-400 Meter Dash: Alexis Stroup (2nd) 1:02.84

-800 Meter Run: Georgi Carols (4th) 2:41.34 and Madelyn Coffelt (6th) 2:49.24 

-1600 Meter Run: Cambrie Kowal (3rd) 5:51.91 and Madelyn Coffelt (5th) 6:07.34

-3200 Meter Run: Cambrie Kowal (5th) 12:38.09

-100 Meter Hurdles: Sarah Holmes (3rd) 18.09 and Carley Kupfer (4th) 18.95

-300 Meter Hurdles: Sarah Holmes (2nd) 53.79 and Carley Kupfer (4th) 55.58

-4x100 Relay: Katelyn Hilton, Lily Wiethop, Nora Powers and Elizabeth McMahon (2nd) 55.19

-4x200 Relay: Katelyn Hilton, Georgi Carolus, Kylie Doyle and Alexis Stroup (2nd) 1:58.55

-4x400 Relay: Georgi Carolus, Nora Powers, Kylie Doyle and Alexis Stroup (3rd) 4:37.35

-4x800 Relay: Cambrie Kowal, Kylie Doyle, Georgi Carolus and Alexis Stroup (3rd) 10:40.37

Girls Field Events

-High Jump: Lily Wiethop (3rd) 1.45 meters and Nora Powers (5th) 1.4 

-Long Jump: Lily Wiethop 4th) 4.43 

-Triple Jump: Miranda Hadfield (4th) 9.1 

-Pole Vault: Elizabeth McMahon (2nd) 2.65 and Mackenzie Daniels (3rd) 2.5 

-Discus: Adelyn Enos (2nd) 27.72 and Katy Pitts (6th) 26.04 

-Javelin: Nora Powers (1st) 32.89 and Lily Wiethop (3rd) 28.16 

-Shot Put: Alexandra Dickerson (3rd) 9.39 and Katy Pitts (6th) 8.95 

Boys Track Events

-100 Meter Dash: Joel Mason (1st) 11.23 

-200 Meter Dash: Andre Bailey (6th) 25.03 

-400 Meter Dash: Bear Shore (6th) 56.22 and Noah Breuer (7th) 56.66

-800 Meter Run: Benjamin Hauck (6th) 2:15.94

-110 Meter Hurdles: Parker Wormek (2nd) 15.15 and Brayden Blackman (3rd) 16.09

-300 Meter Hurdles: Brayden Blackman (3rd) 42.51 and Parker Wormek (4th) 42.88

-4x100 Relay: Bear Shore, Reese Waters, Parker Wormek and Joel Mason (2nd) 44.7

-4x200 Relay: Noah Bruer, Reese Waters, Cameron Deal and Andre Bailey (4th) 1:42.34

-4x400 Relay: Bear Shore, Parker Wormek, Gage Hauck and Brayden Blackman 2nd) 3:40.53

Boys Field Events

-High Jump: Kyle Christiansen (3rd) 1.7 meters and Brayden Sheppard (5th) 1.65 

-Long Jump: Joel Mason (4th) 5.96 and Kyle Christiansen (6th) 5.51 

-Triple Jump: Brayden Sheppard (4th) 12.05 

-Pole Vault: Mason Weber (4th) 3.25 and Chase Mason (5th) 2.8 

-Discus: Zane Thompson (7th) 31.11 

-Javelin: Peyton Kopisku (6th) 41.45 

-Shot Put: Zane Thompson (4th) 12.97 


Despite taking on some larger schools, Class 1 Macks Creek managed to get a few results amongst the top eight in multiple events at Lebanon. 

Listed below are the top eight finishes by all Pirate athletes: 

Girls Track Events

-100 Meter Dash: Adriana Mayer (6th) 14.04 seconds

-200 Meter Dash: Adriana Mayer (4th) 29.33 

-400 Meter Dash: Adriana Mayer (3rd) 1:07.41

-800 Meter Run: Molly Phillips (7th) 2:50.21

Girls Field Events

-Long Jump: Molly Phillips (8th) 4.06 meters

Boys Track Events

-800 Meter Run: Caleb Phillips (8th) 2:21.08


For Eldon girls track and field coach Tobby Eldridge, it is all about the small details and it seems his athletes were paying attention after beating 11 other schools in the Blair Oaks Invitational on Friday. The Mustang girls racked up 102 points, finishing ahead of second place Helias Catholic’s 97.5 points, respectively. The Eldon boys finished sixth with 59 points amongst the pack while Helias won the meet with 105.

“I was very happy with how our team competed. There were some schools there that had better athletes than us and we won because our athletes were willing to put in the time to start to learn all the little things that go into their events,” Eldridge noted. “Our coaches do a great job teaching our kids and getting them ready.” 

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And perhaps the best part of this first meet is that Eldridge doesn’t quite feel like his team is even where it should be at this point because of all the missed time last year. 

“The refreshing part is how our athletes are willing to put in extra time to try to close the gap. Camryn Marriott picked up the high jump just a week ago and was willing to put in more than five extra hours to be ready for this meet,” Eldridge said. “This is representative of our team. They know they have quite a bit to learn, but they don’t make excuses and are very coachable. 

“I know this year will be tough, but I really like the characteristics this year’s group has. They are excited about our sport and we are having lots of fun creating memories.” 

Listed below are the top eight finishes by all Mustang athletes: 

Girls Track Events

-200 Meter Dash: Caroline Beckmann (7th) 28.72 seconds

-400 Meter Dash: Makenna Imler (7th) 1:07.69

-1600 Meter Run: Emily Guthrie (6th 6:15.76

-3200 Meter Run: Emily Guthrie (8th) 13:51.65

-100 Meter Hurdles: Zoe Martonfi (3rd) 17.28 and Steana Wixon (6th) 18.57

-300 Meter Hurdles: Zoe Martonfi (1st) 48.04 and Stevana Wilson (7th) 54.3 

-4x100 Relay: Chloe Ruark, Karmen McNeil, Anmarie Dillon and Patricia Patton (7th) 57.2

-4x200 Relay: Chloe Ruark, Stevana Wilson, Anmarie Dillon and Karmen McNeil (6th) 2:00.59

-4x400 Relay: Caroline Beckmann, Makenna Imler, Karmen McNeil and Zoe Martonfi (1st) 4:26.82

Girls Field Events

-Shot Put: Taylor Henderson (1st) 10.8 meters and Patricia Patton (2nd) 10.76 

-Discus: Taylor Henderson (4th) 27.16 and Patricia Patton (6th) 25.9

-Javelin: Addie Davis (1st) 32.24 

-High Jump: Chloe Ruark (5th) 1.35

-Pole Vault: Heather Harbison (5th) 2.43

-Long Jump: Caroline Beckmann (8th) 4.5

-Triple Jump: Zoe Martonfi (2nd) 10.09 and Caroline Beckmann (3rd) 9.87

Boys Track Events

-200 Meter Dash: Nicholas Martnofi (7th) 25.18

-400 Meter Dash: Dakota Collins (8th) 58.33

-1600 Meter Run: Nathan Reynolds (2nd) 4:54.66 and Aidan Gerber (6th) 5:08.56

-3200 Meter Run: Nathan Reynolds (2nd) 10:39.85

-4x100 Relay: Evan Birdno, Charlie Stickney, Ethan Gladback and Hunter Arnold (8th) 50.12

-4x200 Relay: Dakota Sieling, Charlie Stickney, Zander Burns and Nicholas Martonfi (6th) 1:42.81

-4x400 Relay: Aidan Gerber, Baylor Pearson, Dakota Collins and Nathan Reynolds (7th) 4:00.21

-4x800 Relay: Garrett Greenwald, Jacob Arnold, Taylor Crane and Aidan Gerber (5th) 9:39.07

Boys Field Events

-Shot Put: Colton Phillips (4th) 13.79 

-Discus: P.J. Bledsoe (3rd) 38.17 and Colton Phillips (8th) 31.52

-Javelin: Levi King (4th) 33.75

-Pole Vault: Nicholas Martonfi (T-4th) 3.04 and Tevin Eldridge (T-4th) 3.04

-Triple Jump: Nicholas Martonfi (8th) 10.77

Versailles' Justin Hamrick.


It was the largest meet of the regular season for Versailles and the Tiger boys did not disappoint at Butler on Saturday. 

A total of 20 schools entered and the boys captured the win with 136 points, outscoring the competition by no less than 54 points. The Versailles girls finished with 30 points of their own to capture 11th while Summit Christian Academy earned the win with 110 points, respectively. 

“We had a very successful day. This is a great sign of things to come and my favorite part was that it was a team effort,” said Versailles coach Aaron Allen who finally gets to lead both programs as head coach after the COVID-19 pandemic put things on hold a year ago. “We had points in the throws, jumps, sprints, distance and relays. I am very pleased with both our girl and boy squads. This is only the beginning and our kids know we cannot peak right now.” 

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Listed below are the top eight finishes by all Tiger athletes: 

Boys Field Events

-High Jump: Michael Bell (1st) 1.85 and Justin Hamrick (2nd) 1.85 

-Pole Vault: Jacob Schrock (2nd) 3.45 and Kyle Flieger (6th) 2.9

-Long Jump: Tye Edgar (1st) 5.9 

-Triple Jump: Michael Bell (1st) 12.11 

-Discus: Joseph Bland (6th) 31.55 

-Shot Put: Joseph Bland (1st) 12.78 

Boys Track Events

-4x800 Relay: Seth Newton, Dagan Haggerman, William Taylor and Zach Radefeld (2nd) 9:26.45

-110 Meter Hurdles: Max Coleman (2nd) 17.7 and Nathaniel Buckler (5th) 18.92

-100 Meter Dash: Kyle Flieger (8th) 12.01

-4x200 Relay: Mikhail Gulyayev, Justin Hamrick, Michael Bell and Max Coleman (1st) 1:38.12

-1600 Meter Run: Seth Newton (1st) 5:00.82

-4x100 Relay: Tye Edgar, Mikhail Gulyayev, Nate Buckler and Max Coleman (3rd) 47.41

-400 Meter Dash: Allan Rhorer (5th) 57.09 

-300 Meter Hurdles: Mikhail Gulyayev (3rd) 45.19

-800 Meter Run: Seth Newton (4th) 2:20.38

-200 Meter Dash: Max Coleman (4th) 24.12 and Michael Bell (8th) 24.87

-4x400 Relay: Kyle Flieger, Mikhail Gulyayev, Justin Hamrick and Allan Rhorer (3rd) 3:56.55

Girls Field Events

-Long Jump: Katharina Baumgartner (4th) 4.28 

-Discus: Maris Ollison (6th) 23.42 

-Shot Put: Maris Ollison (4th) 10.08

-Javelin: Maris Ollison (1st) 33.56 (school record)

Girls Track Events

-100 Meter Dash: Nora Moreno (7th) 14.23

-4x200 Relay: Stormie Drury, Keegan Bullock, Nora Moreno and Katharina Baumgartner (4th) 2:05.38

-4x100 Relay: Albina Moreno, Stormie Drury, Maris Ollison and Nora Moreno (7th) 59.33

-3200 Meter Run: Carmen Lemell (7th) 15:30.84

-4x400 Relay: Keegan Bullock, Albina Moreno, Nora Moreno and Katharina Baumgartner (8th) 5:04.66

Osage's John Markovitz.


School of the Osage hosted an open meet on Friday and no official scores were kept, but the Indians had several highlights along the way against the five other schools they competed with. 

Listed below are the top eight finishes by all Indian athletes: 

Girls Track Events

-100 Meter Dash: Madison Keesler (1st) 13.76 and Gratian Adams (5th) 15.02

-200 Meter Dash: Alison Steen (1st) 28.83 and Emily Etherton (6th) 30.96 

-400 Meter Dash: Emily Atherton (4th) 1:16.24 and Montana Walters (8th) 1:22.49

-800 Meter Run: Bayley Johnson (3rd) 2:40.94, Katherine Wolf (5th) 2:56.8, Josephine Markowitz (7th) 3:00.53 and Sophia Rivera-Sindlinger (8th) 3:05.37

-1600 Meter Run: Jocelyn Welch (5th) 7:15.77, Jennifer Renz (6th) 7:19.14 and Lindsey Benson (7th) 7:48.5

-3200 Meter Run: Sara Wolf (2nd) 12:35.54 and Juliana Bryant (4th) 13:26.79

-100 Meter Hurdles: Kathryn Meisner (4th) 21.55 and Karissa Whyte (7th) 22.32

-300 Meter Hurdles: Karissa Whyte (4th) 1:06.32

-4x100 Relay: Osage (2nd) 57.37

-4x200 Relay: Osage (3rd) 2:07.22

-4x400 Relay: Osage (1st) 4:39.59

-4x800 Relay: Osage (2nd) 11:19.04 and (3rd) 13:19.2

Girls Field Events

-High Jump: Madison Crossno (T-6th) 1.27 and Lauren Bartlett (T-6th) 1.27

-Pole Vault: Madison Keesler (1st) 2.28 

-Long Jump: Karissa Whyte (2nd) 4.49

-Triple Jump: Alison Steen (5th) 9.19 and Skyler Luttrell (8th) 7.75

-Shot Put: Destiny Sawyer (1st) 8.47, Isabella Vernetti (4th) 7.51, Kaitlyn Jones (6th) 7.11 and Natalie Jones (7th) 7.06

-Discus: Isabella Vernetti (2nd) 21.66, Kaitlyn Jones (4th) 21.26, Destiny Sawyer (5th) 17.6 and Natalie Jones (6th) 17.09

-Javelin: Madison Crossno (3rd) 23.3, Destiny Sawyer (4th) 23.18 and Lauren Bartlett (6th) 21

Boys Track Events

-100 Meter Dash: Eric Hood (2nd) 11.52, Derek Bradley (3rd) 11.83 and Lucas Willenbrock (8th) 12.62

-200 Meter Dash: Derek Bradley (2nd) 24.79

-800 Meter Run: John Markowitz (3rd) 2:17.59, Jaysen Groll (7th) 2:26.93 and James Sparks (8th) 2:29.63

-1600 Meter Run: Jaysen Groll (8th) 5:36.17

-3200 Meter Run: Caden Wyrick (4th) 12:28.32 and Collin Weisenheimer (5th) 12:44.39

-110 Meter Hurdles: Keigan Vaughn (4th) 17.47, Brayden Wallace (7th) 19.98 and A Hernandez-Luna (8th) 21.74

-300 Meter Hurdles: Brayden Wallace (5th) 46.29 and Caleb Klaus (8th) 52.45

-4x400 Relay: Osage (2nd) 3:57.12

-4x800 Relay Osage (3rd) 9:40.4

Boys Field Events

-Pole Vault: Talon Childs (T-1st) 3.03 and Corey Hubkey (T-1st) 3.03

-Long Jump: Lucas Willenbrock (5th) 5.42

-Triple Jump: Lucas Willenbrock (2nd) 11.55 and Dylan Willenbrock (6th) 10.45

-Shot Put: Franklin Sallee (2nd) 12.9 and Devin Williams (5th) 12

-Discus: Franklin Salee (1st) 37.15 and Devin Williams (4th) 34.38

-Javelin: Harrison Drzewiecki (4th) 31.11

Michael Losch is the Sports Editor at the Lake Sun. He can be reached at or 573-346-2132