Camdenton girls swim team brings home more medals from recent meets

Michael Losch
Lake Sun Leader
Camdenton swimmers with their medals at the Monett Invitational on December 19, 2020.

Camdenton is continuing to make strides forward this season, improving times and bringing home more medals. 

Camdenton coach Stacey Meckley is enjoying this process as the Lakers continue to push for state.

“These girls have tremendous heart and determination,” the coach said after the latest round of events.

Here is how Camdenton swimmers fared at the end of 2020 and the start of 2021:


Camdenton swimmers were able to add six more medals to their resumes just before the holidays at the Monett Invitational. Those medals went to Brooke Echternacht in the 200 freestyle, Taylor Fleming in the 100 backstroke, Irelyn Meckley in the 200 and 100 freestyles and Emily Willis in the butterfly and backstroke.

The relay events began with the 200 individual medley and the team of Fleming, Amanda Ferguson, Willis and Ayden Meckley captured fifth with a time of 2:16.39. Meanwhile, the quartet of Reagan Faiferlick, Ariana Maples, Jada Rowe and Claire Echternacht turned in a time of 2:42.01 to finish 18th. 

The 200 freestyle relay featured a team of Raquel Potteiger, Ayden, Brooke and Irelyn who finished seventh at 2:05.45 while Faiferlick, Hailey Head, Maples and Ferguson placed 20th at 2:22.6. 

The final relay event of the meet for Camdenton was the 400 freestyle where Irelyn, Fleming, Potteiger and Willis placed fifth at 4:24.33 and the team of Claire, Brooke, Head and Rowe earned 17th at 5:31.7.

Irelyn took on the 200 freestyle along with Brooke and she finished fourth at 22:23.2 while Brooke captured seventh at 2:31.45. The 100 butterfly also featured two Lakers as Willis took fifth at 1:09.2 and Ayden captured 11th at 1:21.99 and a Laker duo took on the 500 freestyle as well where Potteiger finished 10th at 7:01.15 and Faiferlick was 22nd at 8:06.24. Fleming was the lone Laker for the 200 individual medley and she placed 11th at 2:55.02.

Willis led the Lakers in the 100 backstroke where she put in a time of 1:11.24 to finish fourth. Fleming was next with an eighth place time of 1:15.7, Brooke 18th at 1:23.81 and Faiferlick 25th at 1:30.07. A trio of Camdenton swimmers dove in for the 100 breaststroke where Ferguson finished 13th at 1:27.33, Claire 20th at 1:33.88 and Maples 22nd at 1:35.35.

Ayden was the fastest Laker for the 50 freestyle finishing 28th at 31.41 seconds. Ferguson was 41st at 34.11, Rowe 43rd at 34.68, Claire 48th at 36.03, Head 51st at 36.8 and Alyssa Patredis was 55th at 38.98 seconds. Irelyn paced Camdenton in the 100 freestyle finishing fourth at 1:01.56. Maples took 32nd at 1:22.57, Rowe 33rd at 1:22.83, Head 37th at 1:26.56 and Patredis was 41st at 1:36.59. 


Camdenton swam its final event of 2020 in Webb City where the team finished fourth overall among five schools.

One of the highlights of the event for the Lakers was Willis placing first in the 100 butterfly. She turned in a time of 1:10.6 to beat the rest of the field. Ayden was not far behind her as she finished fourth in the event with a time of 1:24.37.

Irelyn nearly finished at the top on multiple occasions after taking second in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:20.17 and second in the 100 freestyle at 1:00.7. Ella DeMott also swam in the 100 freestyle and placed 14th at 1:14.81.

Potteiger led the way in the 200 individual medley placing eighth at 2:56.16 and Fleming finished ninth at 2:56.62. Potteiger also swam in the 500 freestyle and placed ninth at 6:59.17. 

Willis finished fifth to lead Camdenton in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:13.68. Fleming was right behind her in sixth place at 1:16.93, Head was 14th at 1:33.77 and Jocelyn Wolf earned 22nd at 1:59.46. The 100 breaststroke featured a trio of swimmers where Ferguson placed eighth at 1:27.35 while DeMott took 13th at 1:33.95 and Patredis was 19th at 2:00.93.

In the 50 freestyle it was Ayden who turned in the top time as she earned 12th at 31.01 seconds. Ferguson was 17th at 34.75, Head 21st at 35.11, Patredis 30th at 39.81 and Wolf 37th at 45.65. 

In the 200 individual medley relay, the team of Fleming, DeMott, Willis and Irelyn placed fifth at 2:16.39 while Head, Ferguson, Ayden and Potteiger captured eighth at 2:28.6. The team of Irelyn, Ayden DeMott and Willis took fifth in the 200 freestyle relay at 2:02.3 and the quartet of Fleming, Head, Ferguson and Potteiger earned ninth in the 400 freestyle relay at 5:04.03.


Camdenton started 2021 with a meet at the Seymour YMCA and the Lakers finished third among six schools. 

Once again, Willis captured a first place medal by turning in a time of 1:08.35 in the 100 butterfly and that was not the only highlight as two relay teams turned in state consideration times. Fleming, Ferguson, Willis and Irelyn finished second in the 200 individual medley relay with a state consideration time of 2:11.02 and the team of Willis, Fleming Ayden and Irelyn took second in the 200 freestyle relay for a state consideration time of 1:57.27. 

Meanwhile, the team of Faiferlick, DeMott, Ayden and Potteiger captured sixth in the 200 individual medley relay with a time of 2:25.47. Other relay finishes included Brooke, Claire, Head and Ferguson taking eighth in the 200 freestyle relay at 2:20.81; the team of Brooke, Faiferlick, DeMott and Potteiger earning fourth in the 400 freestyle relay at 4:59.99 and the team of Claire, Wolf, Patredis and Head earning eighth in the same event at 6:06.24.

Brooke was the lone Laker in the pool for the 200 freestyle where she earned third at 2:36.28 and Faiferlick went solo in the 500 freestyle where she earned seventh a 8:08.72. Ayden also swam in the 100 butterfly with Willis and earned third at 1:24.94.

A trio of Lakers took on the 100 backstroke and breaststroke. In the former event, Willis captured second at 1:10.07, Fleming was third at 1:16.44 and Brooke was sixth at 1:22.7. In the latter event, Ferguson led the way in third place at 1:26.75, DeMott finished fifth at 1:30.31 and Claire was ninth at 1:35.96. There was also a trio in action for the 200 individual medley where Potteiger finished fourth at 2:54.73, Fleming ninth at 2:54.92 and Irelyn eighth at 2:56. 

Ayden led the Laker pack in the 50 freestyle finishing seventh at 31.57 seconds. Potteiger was eighth at 32.05, Ferguson 14th at 33.02, Head 25th at 34.94, Faiferlick 27th at 35.99, Patredis 30th at 38.72 and Wolf 32nd at 43.58. Irelyn was the Laker leader of the 100 freestyle where she placed third at 1:02.33. DeMott finished sixth at 1:10.74, Head 14th at 1:19.34, Claire 21st at 1:22.41, Patredis 25th at 1:37 and Wolf 26th at 1:42.84.


Camdenton was one of 22 schools in action at Foster Natatorium in Springfield for the Ozark Invitational where the Lakers finished 15th as a team overall. 

The Lakers earned another pair of state consideration times as Fleming, Ferguson, Willis and Irelyn finished 11th in the 200 individual medley relay at 2:11.35 and the quartet of Willis, Fleming, Ayden and Irelyn also finished 11th at 1:56.61 in the 200 freestyle relay. 

Other relay finishes included a 24th place finish in the 200 freestyle relay by Brooke, Ferguson, DeMott and Potteiger while Brooke, DeMott, Ayden and Potteiger earned 13th in the 400 freestyle relay and Maples, Patredis, Head and Faiferlick took 29th in the 400 freestyle relay at 5:28.58.

Fleming was the lone Laker in action for the 200 individual medley where she placed 21st at 2:52.81. Willis and Ayden both took on the 100 butterfly where Willis earned 10th at 1:10.15 and Ayden 24th at 1:26.11. There was also another duo swimming in the 500 freestyle where Faiferlick placed 28th at 7:58.98 and Claire was 30th at 8:20.52. 

A trio of swimmers dove in for the 200 freestyle where Irelyn was 15th at 2:19.93, Potteiger 20th at 2:26.56 and Brooke 32nd at 2:35.54. Another trio swam in the 100 breaststroke where DeMott placed 21st at 1:27.6, Ferguson 23rd at 1:27.68 and Maples 40th at 1:35.23. The 100 backstroke saw Willis lead the way with an eighth place time of 1:09.95 while Fleming was 16th at 1:17.21, Brooke 21st at 1:22.94 and Faiferlick 36th at 1:31.52. 

Ayden was the fastest Camdenton swimmer in the 50 freestyle where she finished 24th at 30.66 seconds. DeMott was 26th at 30.78, Ferguson 47th at 33.62 and Patredis was 60th at 38.6 seconds. In the 100 freestyle it was Irelyn who led the way where she finished 11th at 1:00.89 while Potteiger was 21st at 1:06.22, Maples 53rd at 1:18.71 and Carmalita Leuenberger finished 69th at 1:35.86. 

Camdenton was scheduled to swim again on Tuesday in Springfield before heading to Sedalia on Saturday for the Smith-Cotton Invitational.

Michael Losch is the Sports Editor at the Lake Sun. He can be reached at or 573-346-2132