Capital police satellite offices in California and Florida

Lake Sun Leader

The Capital Police are overseen and take their special orders from the U.S. Congress, that is, the President of the Senate and the House Speaker. Have you heard the latest unauthorized powers that Nancy Pelosi has taken upon herself? The House Speaker has decided to set up Capital Police satellite field offices In Tampa, Florida (FL) and San Francisco, California (CA). Why these two coastal states? According to The Washington Examiner it is to protect members of congress as most of the threats originate from CA and FL, and because, “the offices plan to work closely with area federal prosecutors.” Or is it because she lives in California and President Trump lives in Florida.  

There are plans for future satellite offices to be established in other states as well.  Let's be clear here, the Capital Police WILL BE EXPANDING its authority beyond the borders of Washington D.C. It is the first move to NATIONALIZE THE POLICE and eliminate with State and local police departments. The Congress will be operating in those states without the “States authorization.” Ask yourself why (explitive) does she need protection from the individual states with a police force under her authority? The Secret Service is available for personal protection. This nation has a lot of alphabet agencies to provide any type of protection that is required. Is she truly setting up an ‘INTELLIGENCE-BASED AGENCY,” gathering info like the FBI and the NSA, that will function under HER authority?  What “LEGAL AUTHORITY” gives for her the right to do this? Authority is a delegated power and I don’t believe she had the authority to annex this power to invade other states. The FBI has the authority to investigate Terrorism and anti-American activities inside our Nation and the CIA has the authority to perform these same tasks outside our countries borders. The Capital and especially, the Speaker of the House, does not need this privately run police force, paid for with OUR tax dollars! There are other means at their disposal to perform these tasks.  

I wrote a letter to Gov. Parsons, Lt Gov. Kehoe, A.G. Eric Schmitt, State of State, Ashcroft, and my State Representative and Senator, Willard Haley and Bernskoetter; along with Vicky Hartzler and Sen. Hawley. I also included the sites where this information can be found.  I hope you will write to them as well.  

I also asked Rep. Hartzler and Sen. HAWLEY to PLEASE FIND OUT IF ANY THIS IS IN “INFASTRUCTURE” bills introduced to Congress. We do not need another Federal Agency in Missouri.  We are a sovereign state, and our Constitution created this Central Government, it was never the other way around.  This authority is in Amendment X, “The powers not delegated to the United states by the Constitution, ‘nor prohibited’ (forbidden or banned) by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.”  

1.  She has on taken an authority outside the delegated powers she does not have;

2.  Was this  approved by the House or Senate, do they even know about it;

3.  Has this been coordinated and approved by the States; 

4.  Was this made public in the FL and CA, if it was ‘We the People”  would be up in arms concerning this over reach;

I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter and make sure it does not happen in the state of Missouri.

Please find out what is happening in Florida and California; Do they know about this and was this action approved? Another Alphabet agency is not needed what with the many systems in place in our nation.  Infrastructure, by all intents and purposes should mean roads, bridges, airports, schools, hospitals, telecommunications, railways, electrical grids, water supply, sewers, tunnels, and essential services thereof.

This new federal agency field office can not, nor should it be allowed to happen in the State of Missouri as it will erode our state's sovereignty and the ability to protect ourselves with our own State and local Police.  

I hope you will join me in writing to your elected officials I don’t want to live like those in California and New York.  

Jane Boyce, Sunrise Beach