Letter to the editor: Things to think of before the next election

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Elections are coming up in another year and there are some things we need to think about during that time. Here are some of my thoughts.  

1.  I am concerned for our Nation and for our children, as they are our future. I am concerned about retirees who are afraid their pensions won’t be enough. Our military is being dragged into the cancel culture and forced into a “stand down” to address issues of extremist ideologies in their ranks. This military wide “stand down” is a national security issue. They say it’s to purge the ranks of extremism but its really pitting soldier against soldier over ideology. Our service members swear an oath to the constitution, not to a political party. Yet, this ‘stand down’ gives China, Russia, and Iran time to plan attacks against our country.  

2.  If Trump runs for office in 2024 it will be an all out war, but I know he will probably win that war should he run, because in 2022, ‘We the People,’ are going to return the House and the Senate to the GOP. We have to as the future of our Nation depends on it. Socialism isn’t just knocking at the door it has enter our homes and telling us what we can say, what we can and can’t do, and how to think. Like him or hate him,Trump is the Truman of our times. He’s a plain speaker, that’s what we liked about Truman. Let’s give Trump that same respect.

3. It gives me hope that his presence and the MAGA movement is still leading the GOP. I like his 7-step plan to stop the stifling woke crackdown we are experiencing now. But we must completely cut out the socialist roots that are now being seeded at every federal level if the United States and American Exceptionalism is to survive.  

4. Unions should not be allowed to represent federal employees. It’s a national security issue and was brought to light during President Reagan’s time in office when the air traffic controllers went on strike and airports all over the country were shut down. Reagan went public and announced that if the Controllers did not return to work they would be fired. Some controllers came back but many did not. The Unions were so sure the President would sit down and negotiate with them.  Instead,  Reagan called up all Military Controllers to active duty and covered the civilian positions until the FAA was able to hire and train new employees. Today the largest unions in this country are those representing federal employees.

5.  Please think about returning the educational responsibility back to the States where it belongs. In this way the parents have more leverage with the school boards, teachers unions and the curriculum. State responsibility just might curb the Unions control over our educational system. Right now the school boards ignore the parents concerns and have demonstrated their disregard and show great disdain for their concerns.  Returning education back to the states will reduce our federal budget as well. You can still incentivize the 1776 project, it will be needed to counter any false doctrine that was introduced into the schools. But for now, all schools, including the universities, that receive federal funds should be cut off if they allow socialist teachings and that includes the CRT curriculum. Some states are already refusing federal aide for education, to curb these socialist teachings. These states still believe in American Exceptionalism.

6. By re-introducing the declaration document that requires all new federal employees to sign, with penalty of loss of employment, that they do not nor ever have, belonged to a communist, socialist or terrorist organization. We have to federally declare BLM and Antifa, or any group with its mission statement to destroy our country, as anti-American and put them on a watch list. If not, this should be done at our State level.  

7. Make it illegal, with penalty of incarceration and/or loss of employment, for any federal employee, elected official, and their immediate family members, to deal with foreign entities like China, where they receive financial benefits money, shopping trips, cars, jewelry, any asset(s). Too many family members, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, have received foreign benefits while they were in office and using that office as enticement for these benefits. When a President and First family member receives gifts, it is usually turned over to the government; they are not allowed to take ownership of the item(s), if its of large monetary value, it’s kept as a gift to the Government; It is usually put on display if they have a library, but ownership is still the government. Maybe this should be an amendment to our Constitution.

8. Encourage a convention of states, led by the states, to amend our constitution for term limits for congress and the Supreme Court Justices, mandate fiscal responsibility and limit federal power. Many States today, are declaring they are sanctuary states for our constitutional rights, and declare they will not obey any federal law that is legislated to take away our constitutional rights. This legislation should be honored.

9. Retirement packages (salary benefits, health care, thrift savings plans) for Federal Officials should be commensurate to that of all federal employees.  Right now Congressional benefits are for life, along with extra benefits. Yet general services, wage grade and the executive service are limited to their number of years of service. Congress should have the same retirement package that the working class federal employee, which is legislated and is required that they endure. In this way their is a vested interest of fairness and equality at the ‘White collar” employee level as well as at the ‘Blue collar” level. It’s only fair!!

10. High school, students should not be allowed to graduate if they do not pass a civics class that studies the constitution. Required reading should be any or all of the following, “5000 year Leap, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the writings of our Founders.” This is the bedrock for our Republic. These classes should be made interesting and not boring.

11. I would like to see a holiday for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which was officially signed on September 17, 1787 or, declare the month of September, Declaration of Independence month and Schools should be tasked to celebrate it in some way; maybe through a scholarship program, writing about our exceptionalism. It will counter any type of CRT instruction that teaches hatred  for our country.  

12. Please break up the Big-tech monopolies like Facebook, Twitter and Google, Amazon, Apple or any other Big Tech corporations, that relies on China, and uses its authorities and wealth to control the People. Many years ago Bell Corp. was broken up and created many ‘tiny bells’ and lead to all the new companies and technologies we now enjoy today. If we had not forced ‘Bell’ to  split we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such things as the iPhone, iPads, smart phone, Androids and tablets we now have today. Competition is good. Without competition our new toys might not be available to us today. I can only imagine the innovations that would come about, if these high-tech companies were split up and competition would be allowed to thrive.

13. Now for our elected government Representatives not only at the State level but especially at the Federal level. We can’t get away from politics, its needed like the air we breath. But, these elected officials are suppose to “represent us, not the party.” We give them the consent they need to lead this Nation through our votes. “We are their employer!” The definition of a politician is manipulative and devious, to gain advancement within an organization, but a “statesman” is an experienced and respected political leader. President Trump worked without a pay check, donated his salary where he felt it was needed the most, he gave up control of his companies to overseers, had to endure a number of elitist wars, all while doing the job for the People brilliantly, and suffered a loss in the Stockmarket for his efforts. That’s the definition of a Statesman. Socialists hate statesman, they prefer working with politicians as they can be manipulated. I would like to see the MAGA movement for many years after President Trump leaves office, something like ‘Turning Point USA’ where American exceptionalism and leadership is studied and discussed; with studies of our Constitution, how it’s related to the Declaration of Independence and  studies of our Founding Fathers writings, with a conference once a year to keep things relevant.  

These are the thoughts from Abigail Adams, A midwest housewife.  

- Jane Boyce

Sunrise Beach