Readers’ Mailbag: Election fraud, The DEMONcrats agenda

Bob Hodgson, Linn Creek
Readers' Mailbag.

I have been extremely blessed to have lived in the post-WWII era in the United States of America. I proudly fly our nation’s flag in my front yard with a light that beams on it during the night. Underneath that flag is another flag on the same pole honoring Donald J. Trump as my president. I believe he is the best president in my lifetime. I also believe him to be among the best president in this nation’s history.

I am retired and enjoying the last few years of my life. I must admit being selfishly gratified that I will not be here much longer. I weep for this nation’s illegal political democratic power grab. I weep for my children, grandchildren and all those who follow me that they will not enjoy the freedoms that I have enjoyed. I fully realize they cannot miss what they have never had the opportunity to experience.

The rules were changed in this past election in several states. Votes were counted that should not have been counted. Those votes were improperly counted in the swing states. This is why China Joe Biden got the electoral votes in the swing states. The electoral votes would have gone to Trump if the rules would have been followed. Our constitution did not prevail and we have illicit electors at the state level.

There are too many people trying to complicate the issue. This is a very simple issue. Groups of illegal ballots that were not allowed to be counted were counted. This is election fraud. DEMONcrats agenda:

1. Major defense spending cuts with money redistributed to entitlements.

2. Making Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. states which will add 4 more DEMONcrat senators.

3. Packing the United States Supreme court with liberal judges.

4. Amnesty and open borders.

5. Healthcare for illegal immigrants.

6. Provide bailouts to the liberal blue states that do not control their budgets.

7. Aggressive unnecessary climate-change initiatives which is designed to penalize our country over our competitors.

8. Complete takeover of healthcare by the federal government despite the United States having the best healthcare on the globe.

9. Free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

10. Open borders and no border walls.

11. Sanctuary cities.

12. Progressive taxes on the upper middle class and above.

13. Legalization of recreational marijuana.

14. Taxpayer abortions with full funding of Planned Parenthood.

15. Comprehensive gun control.

16. Liberalized voting standards to include fraudulent practices.

17. Taxpayer-funded childcare and college tuition.

18. Reestablishing of the Iranian nuclear deal.

19. Cancelling Turmp’s executive order which forbids seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations from entering the United States. These countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

20. Promote media companies that serve as a propaganda arm to the DEMONcrats.