City of Camdenton looking to move forward with upcoming projects

Michael Losch
Lake Sun Leader
A conceptual design for the new monument in the town square in Camdenton.

A new monument, a community center and a grant to rehabilitate Business Route 5 are some of the projects the city of Camdenton is eyeing for the future. 

The community center, a not so new and long-discussed topic that has faced a number of road bumps in the past, is facing a current road bump with construction costs being higher than anticipated- approximately $2.2 million more than the anticipated budget, according to Assistant City Administrator Renee Kingston. However, Kingston said the city has not given up on the idea. 

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“Had it come in just a little higher we may have rolled with it, but $2.2 million is a lot,” Kingston said, noting the anticipated budget for just the construction of the community center was slated at $3.6 million. 

“We will meet with the architect and project manager and try to figure out where the most significant costs were, and find a way to build it cheaper but not compromise anything we want for the public. We want to make sure we are spending the public’s money wisely.”

Kingston went on to note that the city will evaluate and possibly rebid on the project this winter.

Another project that may come to fruition much sooner is a new monument that will be located in the town square. The monument, a new sign that reads, “City of Camdenton,” is planned to go up in the grassy area in front of Pepperoni Bill’s. 

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The sign is projected to be five feet tall with length of 58 feet, and there will be seating on either side with short bubbler fountains in front of it. The sign will have wing walls that people can sit on as well, and if it comes to fruition, a tree currently on the property will be removed. Kingston stated the city estimates costs will be in the $95,000 range. It could go up as soon as this fall. 

“Right now, the engineering company is working on the construction and bidding documents so we can go out for bid, so it just depends on the bid, the assistant city administrator noted. 

“It was the mayor’s (John McNabb) idea to have something that when you come to Camdenton, you know you’ve been to Camdenton,” Kingston continued. “A statement piece, and I think it is going to be really nice.”

Last but not least, the city announced in a social media post on June 14 that it was awarded a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Missouri Department of Economic Development to aid in the rehabilitation of Business Route 5 through Camdenton. The social media post noted the city has been working with Cochran Engineers to facilitate the project and obtain the funding. 

The CDBG Program is a competitive grant program authorized by Congress and funded under Title 1 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 and designed to help small cities and towns meet a broad range of community development needs. 

“This funding will address infrastructure needs to continue building our economy and improving the quality of life for the residents of Camdenton,” McNabb stated in the post. 

The Lake Sun will continue to provide further updates on the status of these projects as more information becomes available.