Camdenton set to welcome Race Across America cyclers next week

Lake Sun Staff,
Race Across America is coming to Camdenton June 21 through the 25.

You may soon see people on bicycles making their way through the Lake area down Highway 54. 

That is because the time has come for an annual event known as Race Across America (RAAM), widely recognized as the world’s toughest endurance bicycle race open to solo racers as well as two, four and 8-person teams. Participants travel from Oceanside, Calif., to Annapolis, Md., embarking on a 3,000 miles coast-to-coast tour across the United States.

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The community will start seeing participants bicycling through East Highway 54 as early as Father’s Day on June 20. Once again, Camdenton will host the official Time Station No. 32 at Signal Gas Station. Through support of volunteers and local business contributions, racers will be welcomed at the station and enjoy complimentary amenities such as a resting place, ice, snacks and refreshments, and referrals for any services they may need while in the area.

People can show their support through various efforts whether you welcome RAAM to Camdenton on your outdoor signage, stop by the time station during the week of June 20t through June 25, donate supplies to replenish racers and their crew or a simple thumbs up when you see them on the road.

Volunteers are still needed for various 3-hour shifts throughout the week. Should you have interest in volunteering, please contact the Camdenton Chamber of Commerce to sign-up at 573-346-2227. To track the racers on their journey you can visit for their Live Tracking site.