Camdenton R-III strengthens mask-wearing mandate, multiple refusals resulting in out-of-school suspension

Lake Sun Staff
Lake Sun Leader

In a recent letter, Camdenton Schools announced the strengthening of mask-wearing rules to try and avoid future quarantining. The letter reads as follows:

“On August 26. 2020, the Camdenton School Board mandated that all students ECSF to Grade 12 were to wear a mask or face covering while students are on the move or anytime social distancing is not possible. With Governor Parson’s recent announcement on changes to the quarantining guidelines associated with COVID-19, the number of quarantined students should drop dramatically during the second semester once we successfully create an environment where mask-wearing becomes a priority for all students and staff members. 

In an effort to protect all students and staff from possible COVID exposure as well as to ensure that we are doing our best to avoid quarantining, students who choose not to wear a mask may be sent home. This is in accordance with Board Policy EBB, “Such management may include, but not limited to, exclusion from school or reassignment as needed for the health and safety of students and staff.” Students who are seen not wearing a mark will be asked to immediately put one on. A second offense will result in immediate parent communication in addition to being to put one on. If a student refuses to wear a mask, parents will be contacted and the student may be sent home. Repeated refusals to comply with mask requests could result in multiple days of out of school suspension.

Students should provide their own masks. Each building will have masks available for the first two weeks of school in the event that a student forgets to bring one. The district will not supply masks to students on a daily basis.

Masks are also required for extra-curricular activities for students and patrons. In the stands, if patrons can maintain a safe social distance of six feet, they may remove masks while seated. Masks are required in designated student sections. Patrons that do not comply will be reminded of the contest expectations. In the event of refusal, certain patrons may be asked to leave. 

It is unfortunate that we are in this situation. We are committed to keeping our students in school and participating in extracurricular activities. Together with your support and cooperation,  we limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the amount of quarantining taking place. Your help is greatly appreciated!”