PC Tacos embraces being Eldon's hidden gem

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader
Patti Wieskamp, left, and Corey Schuhmacher, right, hold up freshly-made tacos inside their restaurant, PC Tacos.

Every small town hopes to attract that certain business or restaurant that becomes a must-visit. For Eldon, PC Tacos is becoming that spot. Ask most people in town for a good lunch or dinner idea, and more likely than not, you’ll get the suggestion to try that little place down E 3rd St.

For Patti Wieskamp, the journey started in Reno, Nevada. There was a restaurant there that she would take her kids to where they would sprinkle parmesan in the tacos. Wieskamp says they always loved their food and wanted to try making them for herself at home. While trying to recreate the tacos, she says she accidentally fried some of the parmesan cheese onto the tortilla shell and created something new, something unique. Thus, the original PC Taco was formed.

For those who haven’t had a chance to go to PC Tacos yet, PC stands for parmesan crusted. The tacos are all made fresh and one of the first steps is to fry a layer of parmesan cheese onto the outside before throwing the remaining ingredients inside. Though a small twist on the typical taco formula, the results are truly something special. The restaurant also serves a number of different Mexican dishes, such as burritos, nachos and more.

Wieskamp, along with her son Corey Schuhmacher, moved to the Eldon area a decade ago and got fed up with working at a department store. She says she always dreamed of opening a business of her own but never had a solid plan for it.

One day, she and Schuhmacher made a batch of these tacos and took them to work, handing them out to coworkers. The response was very positive. They decided it was time to move on the idea and find a place to call their own. In Sept. 2019, PC Tacos opened up and saw success immediately.

“We thought to ourselves, ‘What does Eldon need?,” Wieskamp said. “It didn’t need another diner, it didn’t need another antique store. We decided to try our idea and open a Mexican to-go restaurant. We thought, ‘Let’s see how it goes.’”

Being open just over a year now, both Wieskamp and Schuhmacher have felt the local impact the restaurant has had. Wieskamp says she feels the restaurant has built a reputation on providing great food and being something different. Schuhmacher says he wasn’t so sure at first how the restaurant would be received, but that worry has dissipated. Now, he feels that Eldon is happy to have a spot that people are proud to share as their own.

“Of course, we wanted people to care and we wanted people to come back, but we never thought it would be something that people would be like ‘Oh, this is the place to go.’,” Schuhmacher said.

With that in mind, the pair have set a goal to continue being a place that Eldon can feel proud of. They hope to continue to grow and are hoping to expand their staff and possibly even the size of the restaurant heading into 2021.

Of course, no business was ready for the devastating effects felt by COVID throughout 2020, but PC Tacos was able to persevere through the toughest times and is feeling confident that, having weathered the storm, they will come out even stronger. More than anything else, they want to continue providing the human experience of coming into the restaurant and seeing the same two faces serving food every day.

The pair hopes those who have not had the opportunity to try PC Tacos will come by and give it a shot.

“People can come here and know when they come in that they are gonna see the same faces every day and I think that makes them happy. That’s the human experience, that’s what people care about,” Schuhmacher said.

PC Tacos is located at 207 E 3rd St. in Eldon, MO. Orders can be made over the phone or in-person at the restaurant.