Lake Marines present local bank with patriotic award

Marine Corps League - Lake of the Ozarks Detachment awards the "Grand Old Flag" to Patriots Bank on Horseshoe Bend Blvd for their display of a "holiday" flag.

Bill Wyman, Commandant of the Lake of the Ozarks Detachment, Marine Corps League, presented its “Grand Old Flag” award to Jim Cooper, founder and CFO of Patriots Bank, for their impressive display of the National Colors. The bank, located on Horseshoe Bend Blvd, flies a majestic, “holiday” flag in front of their building. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary the holiday flag, sometimes referred to as a garrison flag, is the largest size of the national flag flown at U.S. Navy Installations and Marine Corps posts on national holidays and special occasions.

The flag measures 20 feet by 38 feet.

Patriots Bank is headquartered in Garnett, Kansas and has five other branches, including the Lake Ozark branch. Their Lake Ozark branch opened its facility in September of 2019 and began displaying the striking flag a short time later. Cooper acquired the charter in 1978 upon opening their first bank in Garnett, Kansas. At 88 years of age, Jim Cooper has over 70 years in the banking business. Cooper describes his enterprise as a family business with son Scott Cooper and grandson Cameron Cooper holding the offices of president and vice-president respectively.

Patriots Bank is not the first to display the holiday flag at this site. Residents of Horseshoe Bend may recall the same style flag being flown when the Bank Star One operated out of the building. It has been said that many motorists, enthralled by the immensity of the flag as they crested the hill approaching the bank site, missed the display after Bank Star One closed their facility some three years ago. Wishing to continue the tradition of the holiday flag, Jim Cooper insisted that a new holiday flag be flown in front of their building.

Commandant Wyman intends for the Grand Old Flag award to be presented to other businesses or individuals on a quarterly basis.