Demolition of 'Night Hawk' building, creation of Camdenton Welcome Wall among items to be discussed by city

Lake Sun Leader

While the country is soon to face a major milestone in the presidential election, the city of Camdenton is focusing local as they prepare a number of major projects for discussion at future city board meetings. Here are a few items to know about in the most recent City Administrator’s Report: 

Community Center Project 

City Administrator Jeff Hooker says that the city has met with the Architectural Company for a second meeting and discussed plans/changes to their recently submitted footprint of the planned Community Center.  Original estimated bids came all the way back in January and, though the city loved the plans shown at the time, the estimated cost of  $7.2 million was nowhere near their budget of $4.5-4.8 million. These new plans saw a redesign to get the project back within that budgeted range. The city hopes to now hand over plans to contractors to get concrete bid pricing. If they are able to come to an agreement that fits the budget, Hooker says they may be able to move forward with the project in December. 

Night Hawk building demolition

RFQs have been submitted for the demolition of two city-owned properties on the Square. Hooker says the city bought the building in its poor state and originally planned demolition for the safety of the community. However, community members have since raised issue with the decision, citing the historical significance of the site.

The city recently announced a 45-day window for someone to purchase and rehab the building, or else they would move forward with demolition plans. Hooker says cost estimates have been received and the city is now working with some citizens on possible renovations. He says that the only way they will be handing over ownership of the building is if these interested parties are able to provide a solid plan and funding mechanism to renovate the building. 

“We want something aesthetic for the city and for the community to enjoy,” Hooker said.

City Hall Sign Update

A new City Hall sign has been approved and the sign is being constructed with a delivery date in December. Hooker says the new sign will have digital elements with health department info, local events, website updates and more. The concrete footings portion of the project will be completed in the next few weeks while the weather is warmer. The city hopes to have it up and running by the holidays. 

Camdenton Welcome Wall

Working alongside the local arts committee, Hooker credits Mayor McNabb with the idea of creating a Camdenton Welcome Wall on the Square. Some early plans include creating a mural with a possible statue to give travelers and locals something to gaze at while driving through town. Hooker says the city is hoping to create some that students can take senior pics at or even wedding photos for patrons of the Exchange nearby.

“Everyone driving through will know they are in Camdenton,” Hooker said. “We saw preliminary photos and fell in love with the design.” 

Dilapidated Home Demolition

The city of Camdenton applied for grant months back for the demolition of abandoned properties around town. Though updates are still to come, Hooker says there is $15,000 in the city budget to demolish these locations starting soon. Structures are detrimental to the area and have been placed on a list of homes that are to be destroyed. He says they are hoping to get one or two homes started by the end of the year. Owners hoping to demolish their homes as a part of this project will be asked to pay $500.