Morgan County R-II announces move to fully-online learning

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

Morgan County R-II has announced their choice to switch classes to Category 3 and full online learning in an effort to control the spread of COVID. The statement reads as follows:

"Our COVID-19 cases increased substantially over the past week putting us in a situation that we needed to consider Category 3 across the district. At our regularly scheduled board meeting last night, the board approved a two week shift to Category 3 and full online leaming in an effort to control the spread of the virus. The large number of active cases along with all the staff and students being quarantined has forced our hand. This is not a decision we have entered into lightly as we know this will be a struggle for our staff, students. and families. All of that coupled with the threat of violence Nat is still unresolved has changed our plans a bit.

Here is a summary of how the transition to Category 3 will go:

• School is cancelled for Wednesday, October 21

• School Supply and computer pick up from 3-6 pm on Wednesday in each building on Main Campus

o South Elementary pick up will be at Versailles Elementary Campus

o If you cannot pick up during this time call the school to schedule a delivery

o We will have a strong police presence in all pick up locations

• Online learning begins Thursday, October 22

• Meal deliveries start Thursday, October 22 (mom details to follow)

• Students retum in seat November 5th

• All regular season sports are cancelled

• District'State competitions may continue for Football, Volleyball, and Cross County as long as students are healthy

• Middle School practices will stop during the closure.

• No outside groups will be allowed to use facilities during the closure

Our plan at this time is to return on November 5. and we believe that will happen. If, however, we see an increase in numbers it is possible we would extend online teaming. On November 5. we will return and be in Category 2. We will remain in Category 2 until Thanksgiving break and reevaluate at that time.

Grade cards and instructions for virtual parent teacher conferences will be mailed home toward the end of this week. If you have special needs during this time please contact the building offices and we will do whatever we can to make accommodations. We know this change will not be easy and we will do our best to work with every family to keep students learning and growing. We are working on an after school tutoring program for anyone that falls behind during the distance learning period. We hope to have that program ready when students return on November 5n (more details to follow). Be safe and focus on keeping your family healthy for when we return in person.