Lake Regional Cancer Center: Nationally accredited cancer care close to home

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At Lake Regional Health System, we’re devoted to helping people with cancer. In our Cancer Center, we offer state-of-the-art therapies that find and treat cancer. And our team is made up of compassionate providers who will treat you — and the people you love — like family.

Meet Our Cancer Treatment Team

When you come to the Cancer Center for treatment, you’ll work with a team of professionals, including:

  • Providers specializing in medical and radiation oncology

  • Nurses certified in oncology and palliative care

  • Registered dietitians

  • Surgeons

  • Pathologists

Our team works together to provide the medical expertise you need close to home. 

Physician Consultation

Lake Regional Cancer Center recognizes that the process of cancer diagnosis and staging can be frightening and confusing for patients and their loved ones. To minimize waiting, we provide prompt physician consultations and swift, accurate diagnoses. 

Surgical Services 

Lake Regional’s skilled surgeons offer a wide array of surgical services including procedures for the diagnosis, staging and treatment of breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers and more. For additional information, call Lake Regional General Surgery at 573-302-2299 or Lake Regional Urology at 573-302-3111.

Diagnostic Imaging 

Lake Regional Imaging Center offers expert care paired with the latest technology to diagnose cancer at its earliest stages. Services include: 

  • 3-D mammography

  • Breast MRI 

  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy 

  • Computerized tomography (CT) scans 

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 

Tests are read on-site by board-certified radiologists. These experts are part of the Lake Regional multidisciplinary care team that guides testing and evaluation to create a comprehensive treatment plan. For more information, call Lake Regional Imaging Center at 573-348-6161. 


Lake Regional Cancer Center offers a range of infusion and chemotherapy services. The center’s chemotherapy area includes 10 private treatment areas, each equipped with a television and wireless Internet. We understand the importance of patients having open communication and a strong rapport with their health care team. Our chemotherapy nurses provide personal one-on-one care to every patient. Our knowledgeable, compassionate nurses take pride in caring for the person in every patient.

Radiation Therapy

Lake Regional Cancer Center provides radiation therapy treatment, including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This facility has one of the most advanced oncology systems available, featuring a new linear accelerator and the latest in software options. Highly trained physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, nurses and supportive staff work together to provide a positive treatment experience for patients and their families.

Cancer Resource Navigation

Lake Regional’s resource navigator helps ensure each patient and family receives needed assistance to cope with the effects of cancer. This includes assistance with financial needs, as well as resources to help patients manage stress and adjust to life with cancer. Patients have access to our resource navigator from diagnosis through survivorship.

Cancer Resource Center

Located in the Cancer Center, the resource center provides a variety of items to help patients feel better about their appearance during cancer, including breast prostheses, hats and wigs. The center also offers nutritional supplements, travel assistance and support programs. 

Palliative Care

Palliative care services are available for patients who have been diagnosed with serious, progressive or life-altering illnesses. Always caring and compassionate, our palliative care staff support patients and their families as they cope with the physical, emotional, social and spiritual effects related to their illness. The palliative care nurses communicate with health care providers to ensure that every treatment plan is tailored to enhance quality of life and meet each patient’s goals and wishes — helping every patient live life to its fullest.

Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the care and healing of individuals diagnosed with cancer. To help patients meet nutritional goals, expert dietitians partner with the Lake Regional Cancer Center health care team to support patients throughout their cancer treatment and recovery.

Lymphedema Therapy

Radiation therapy or the removal of lymph nodes during cancer treatment can damage the body’s lymphatic system, leading to a type of swelling called lymphedema. With early intervention and proper treatment from Lake Regional certified lymphatic therapists, lymphedema’s effects can be diminished, enabling patients to lead full lives. 

National Accreditation

Lake Regional Cancer Center has earned national accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Our program meets or exceeds all of the Commission on Cancer’s standards for performance.

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