Zeller creates 'Hope for Survivors’ painting in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Ivy Zeller, center, stands next to her painting "Hope for Survivors" with Jasen Jones to the left and Paula Brown to the right.

Creating activism at the youth level can be a powerful way to spread awareness. For Lake Fine Art Academy & Galleria owner Paula Brown, it was the theme of a student project.

Brown worked alongside Jasen Jones, director of hotel and marketing at Old Kinderhook, on a project to inspire student art based on Breast Cancer Awareness. Brown worked with 10 students on a group effort to create a piece titled “Tears of Hope”, but allowed Ivy Zeller to create a painting all on her own.

Ivy, a 9-year-old Camdenton student, has been utilizing remote learning over the course of the pandemic. Because of this, she worked with Brown one-on-one. Even so, Ivy’s mother Liz says that the original plan was for Ivy to add on to the painting started by the larger group, but when Brown saw the direction Ivy was going, she asked for her to complete the design on her own.

The ribbon-center of the painting was outlined in black marker by Brown, but Liz says Ivy completed the rest of the painting all on her own and titled it “Hope for Survivors.” Ivy says Brown asked her to do an abstract design and she set out to use as many colors as she has available.

“I really like using color,” Ivy said. “I tried to add as much color as possible.”

Jones helped to auction off the painting once it was completed and ended up receiving $500, which was donated to Real Men Wear Pink of Mid-Missouri. Jenna Bishop, owner of Paint Doctors in Camdenton, purchased the painting and says that her family has had a number of members who have fought against cancer. She says she and her husband were thrilled to purchase the painting and will be displaying it in their home.

“I bought it as a memorial to all of them,” Bishop said. “It will be seen and loved by all that see it.”

Ivy says she was thrilled to do something that would go on to help people. She would, later on, complete another painting that would be donated to the CADV. Ivy says she paints all the time and loves to paint animals, with her favorite being cats and dogs.

“I really like painting,” Ivy said. “I’m glad I can do something I love while helping others.”