Linn Creek R Veterinary at The Lake opens new public dog park

The dog park rules posted at the new Linn Creek dog park.

As the lake moves into the cooler side of the year, Linn Creek has now gained one more opportunity to get outside. Earlier this month, R Veterinary at the Lake in Linn Creek opened the gates to a brand new public dog park right off of US54.

R Veterinary at the Lake CEO James Rericha says that he and his wife Katie felt there was a need for a dog park in the Linn Creek community. Naturally, running a vet clinic, the pair saw a perfect fit to open one themselves. The vet has a number of baseball fields on the nearby property that Rericha rents out free to local teams. However, one of the fields was being used less and less, so they decided to renovate the space into the new dog park location.

“We thought it would be a great use for the community,” Rericha said.

The park has a fenced-in play space for owners and dogs and Rericha says it could hold upwards of 20 to 25 dogs at a time. The park is open for public use, though Rericha says they are asking for all dogs present to be vaccinated and to be friendly. Owners do not have to utilize R Veterinary to use the park. Dogs must also be at least 4 months old.

Rericha says that he believes community utilities such as the dog park shouldn’t always have to be funded and built by city governments. As a thriving business, he says he felt obligated to supply the Linn Creek community with a company-funded opportunity. With the open sign present for over a week now, he says the community gravitation towards the park has been organic. With people sharing posts on social media promoting the use of the park, he says they have seen big groups almost every day since opening.

Rericha says they will maintain the grass and maintenance of the park and will supply poop bags for owners. However, as for the longevity of the park, he says it will be up to the community to properly use the park as intended and says he’s counting on the people of the lake area to leave it in the condition that they found it in, if not better.

“I think it’s part of us being a good part of this community and providing a service for all,” Rericha said.

The park can be found behind R Veterinary of the Lake, whose address is 76 Business Park Rd, Linn Creek.