Day Trip: Backroading, Pioneer Style

Lake Sun Leader

On the road to Seymour, Missouri, thanks to a tip from a beloved in-law who lives in southeastern Webster County raving about the food served at The Little Farm Store, With no prearrangement, we arrived there to find her standing at the coffee bar, what a great surprise!

The Little Farm Store was holding a frozen custard festival, hosting craft, produce, and jam and syrup vendors under big tents. The store sells locally produced goods, most items made with all natural ingredients, or organically grown and raised.

For the town of Seymour, handcrafted arts are showcased by the business, and today’s festival was being managed by the former executive director of the Seymour Area Arts Council. Regular events centering around vintage and prairie lifestyle are held on the grounds, with a focus on farm to fork cuisine. It’s an important industry in rural Webster County and not unusual to see folks wearing floor length skirts and wide brimmed farming hats. Locals refer to it as “prairie-style,” a lifestyle choice, not religion. It means those choose to live as close to the land as possible, and grow their own food, or source as locally as possible, preferably from their neighbors.

Missouri’s largest Old Order Amish settlement at Seymour could be an influencing factor. The Little Farm Store is stocked with their own fresh dairy which is located 10 miles down Highway 60. At today’s festival, Lulu Bell was the star, a brown jersey cow who is one of many that produce local raw milk for the store and the creation of their own frozen custard brand, Lulu’s Frozen Custard. After petting Lulu Bell, who was greeting visitors outside the store, a sample of her creamy custard was in order, and one can literally taste the sweet, tang of field clover in the frozen treat, lending a honey like note. The Little Farm Store has a full menu available at the coffee bar, with counter service. Locally raised, pasture fed beef is served in a variety of hamburger choices. The crepes are life changing, and only available on Saturdays. A return trip has already been planned to eat more crepes. Today, we were served a savory crepe, with locally raised pork sausage, eggs, and dairy, and it really makes a difference in quality! The Little Farm Store’s mission is to source as much from their own farm and neighbors as possible. Pleasant Valley Farm was the beginning of their clean food venture, and is now partnered with 15 neighboring farms. Their special events honor the land and serve guests tasting dinners from their combined efforts. 

The Little Farm Store

Hours are 8:30am-5pm


The restaurant serves food from 9am-4pm Tues-Sat

520 Lucky Road Seymour, Missouri 65746