Morgan County R-II releases updated district-wide COVID categories

Lake Sun Staff
Morgan County R-II Press Release
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Morgan County R-II has released an updated set of category guidelines which will be used to inform parents as to the number of active COVID cases seen within the district. The release states the follows:


"Tiger Families, 

At the regular monthly school board meeting last night the board approved new  recommendations that will help clarify the number of active COVID-19 cases that may cause  us to change categories. If you recall, our re-opening plan included details of what we refer  to as Category 2 (a more restrictive in-person environment) and Category 3 (a short term  school closure). What was missing in those categories were specific details or numbers of  cases that might cause the change. After much discussion with our administrative team and  the Morgan County Health Department we know have included the following guidelines for  each category:  

Category 2 

We would move in to this category when district wide (staff and student) active cases:Reaches 29 active cases on any one day  

Remains at 23 active cases over a two day period 

Remains at 18 active cases over a three day period 

Category 3 

We would move in to this category when district wide (staff and students) active cases: Reaches 59 active cases on any one day 

Remains at 47 active cases over a two day period 

Remains at 36 active cases over a three day period.  


Should we transition to Category 3, the closing would be for 2 full weeks unless active  cases remained the same or continued to increase. 

These numbers are meant to be a guide for decision making. There may be  circumstances surrounding the COVID pandemic that would warrant a change in  category level that do not exactly match the numbers.(i.e. new research or guidance,  virus mutations, etc.). The School District and Health Department may modify as  needed in those instances  

A few changes were also made to the plan in the sporting events and activities section. Category 2 

Spectators will be limited to three tickets per student participating. (The plan  previously stated that no spectators would be allowed)  

Category 3

During Category 3 all regular season sports/activities will be cancelled, however, in the event  that a school closure coincides with a district or state level contest, participation may be  considered when: 

The students involved are healthy and able to compete 

The coaches and students involved agree to follow safety guidelines developed in  cooperation with the Morgan County Health Department specific to that sport/event.  

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this new territory and refine  our practices and keep you informed. Our end goal is to do our best to meet the needs of  our students and families.  "