COVID roundup: Miller, Morgan counties both confirm six total deaths

Lake Sun Staff
Lake Sun Leader

As the country hits a devastating total of 200,000 dead due to coronavirus and counting, the lake has also seen its totals continue to climb.

Morgan County saw the most dramatic increase recently, with four additional COVID related deaths being added this week. The county has seen a total of 298 cases as of Tuesday afternoon, 89 of which are active and 6 total deaths. The county health center released a statement earlier in the week, announcing a spike in cases being seen. A portion of that statement reads as follows:

“Morgan County has experienced a spike in positive cases over the last 2 weeks. Cases are currently under investigation with contact tracing ongoing. As trends are analyzed, the community will be updated in a timely manner as possible with any information that will help in combating this virus.”

Miller county also saw an increase in both case totals and deaths this week. The county announced Monday that they had confirmed their sixth COVID related death. The county has seen a total of 441 cases, 73 are considered active.

The county released a statement Monday on the circumstances surrounding the sixth death reported. A portion of that statement reads as follows:

“It is with deep sorrow the Miller County Health Center must report an additional deaths of Miller County residents diagnosed with COVID-19. No further information will be given to protect the privacy of the families. The Miller County Health Center continues to get new cases of COVID-19 reported for Miller County.”

Finally, in Camden County, the most recent update came Sept. 18. As of that date, the county had seen 745 total cases, 104 are considered active with 8 currently hospitalized. 11 total deaths have been confirmed. No further information has been released by the county as of the time of print, though an update is expected to be released within the week.