Osage Beach pavement resurfacing could cost as much as $7 million

Lake Sun Leader

The price tag for a multi-year paving resurfacing plan for the City of Osage Beach could be as high as $7 million by the time it’s completed in 2026.

The board of aldermen is expected to consider a Preventive Pavement Maintenance Plan prepared by Cochran Engineering when it meets in person and via Zoom at 6 p.m. Thursday. No decision is planned. 

The plan calls for a variety of surface types throughout the city, focused on arterial streets and streets on the west and east sides of the Grand Glaize Bridge. Cost by year would be:

2021 – $1,038,520

2022 – $655,067

2023 -- $1,352,960

2024 -- $1,019,718

2025 – $2,146,305

2026 -- $555,270

Total -- $6,767,840

The plan was first presented to the mayor and board of aldermen in written form during a strategic planning session in August. Purpose of the plan is to outline the transportation priorities and a plan for financing the construction projects 

“The plan gives staff an opportunity to be proactive in the project and financial planning to better maintain, enhance and grow our city’s transportation infrastructure,” City Administrator said in a memo to the board.

Cochran Engineering said the plan sets a guideline to preserve the structural integrity of the existing streets and extend the service life of the network.

Cochran also noted that any delay in implementing a plan increases the probability that the existing streets will continue to deteriorate, thus increasing the overall cost. 

“The purpose of our plan is to protect the pavement structure, slow the rate of pavement deterioration and correct pavement surface deficiencies,” Cochran explained.

Cochran and city staff met several times to explore ideas from different perspectives and to work together to create a plan that made sense from the public’s standpoint and the city’s budget challenges.

The engineering firm also emphasized that it would be a “mistake” to pursue a “worst-first” approach to improving the city’s streets. 

Some of the work can be accomplished by city street crews, with the remainder contracted out to competing companies.

Major projects

While there are several smaller projects in the plan, major work includes:

Mace Road, 2021 -- $890,509 (Phase B; Phase A completed)

Industrial Drive, 2023 -- $$1,107,371

Osage Beach Parkway West, 2025 -- $1,188,005

Osage Beach Parkway East, 2025 -- $727,500

The project is divided into groups, with several streets considered within a group. For a review of the complete plan, click onhttps://bit.ly/2EOEah1 and scroll down to New Business/Preventive Pavement Maintenance Plan.