Camdenton Superintendent says ‘between 90-95 percent’ of students wore masks following ruling

Lake Sun Leader

Camdenton R-III board members voted in favor of requiring students and staff to wear face masks in certain situations around the school last Tuesday. Though the decision polled unfavorably among local residents, Superintendent Tim Hadfield confirmed over the weekend that a majority of students are following the new rules.

Hadfield says that he was given estimates that “students who were masking appropriately was between 90-95 percent on Wednesday.” This was the day after the ruling was announced. Hadfield went on to say that the district received a mixture of parents withdrawing from in-school learning due to disagreements with the ruling, with others placing their children back into in-school learning, feeling safer with the masks in place.

“I am very proud of our students. We did have requests from parents to change the learning modality of their children. We had some parents switch to in seat learning after the board's action and we had parents switch to digital learning as well. At this point the number of changes have not been large. Again, parents are able to change their choice until September 4th,” Hadfield said.

Though the ruling has not caused much trouble within the hallways, it has spawned a number of concerns within the district from parents. A Camdenton PTO meeting was organized late last week with estimates of 150 people in attendance. The emergency forum was held in order to discuss the recent ruling and to let residents voice their concerns.

Reports from the meeting indicated that most in attendance were concerned with the removal of choice by the students to determine whether or not they wanted to wear a mask. Other concerns raised included the effectiveness of masks with young students and the disregard for health concerns for some students.