Camdenton school teacher sues district for allegedly ignoring sexual harassment by custodian

Lake Sun Leader

A Camdenton school teacher has filed suit in Camden County Circuit Court alleging the administration failed to take action against a school custodian, accused of exposing himself, knowingly disregarding the safety and well-being of students. 

The suit was filed Aug. 19 on behalf of Kirk Richey. The petition outlines a list of allegations including 3 separate incidents involving the custodian with no disciplinary action taken. The petition alleges Superintendent Tim Hadfield and Assistant Superintendent Ryan Neal were aware of the incidents. (See the entire petition on the online version of this story on

Richey alleges the administration had viewed or had knowledge of video taken where the incidents took place. 

The petition states the custodian was moved to another area of the middle school after the first incident. After the second alleged exposure, Richey alleges he made a report to his supervisor. The parent of the student who the custodian had exposed himself to make a report to the administration. 

After the third incident, Richey alleges he filed a complaint under the district's sexual harassment policy. The petition states the district hired an outside person to conduct the investigation into the allegations against the custodian. 

The petition also alleges Richey was subjected to retaliation after he filed the complaint under the district's sexual harassment policy, participated in an investigation into the allegations and raised concerns about the administration's lack of response.

Richey alleges he was subjected to a hostile work environment, discriminated against and subjected to unlawful employment practices by the district. 

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Richey filed a discrimination complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights. Richey was issued a right to Sue, informing him of his legal right to pursue independent legal action. 

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