Camden County Commission to hold rezoning hearing for proposed Linn Creek soccer park

Lake Sun Leader

Justin Farrell has a vision for the Linn Creek soccer park – aka Turner-Signaigo Soccer Park.

It may be on the grandiose side, but one step at a time – and the next step in the evolution of the soccer complex comes at 10 a.m. Thursday when the Camden County Commission holds a rezoning hearing.

The request is to rezone two parcels of land (10.2 acres and 8.3 acres) from P-1 Parks and Rec to Agricultural-Residential for the expansion of the soccer complex. The Camden County PIanning and Zoning Commission approved rezoning in May, and the initial rezoning hearing was postponed because of a lack of quorum.

Justin Farrell, Linn Creek Soccer Association president, is making the rezoning request on behalf of DM Camden County, owner of the two parcels of land. In order for LOSA to continue to expand its program, the two parcels are needed. Some additional donation of land and land purchases are needed before Farrell’s vision can move forward.

As soon as the property is acquired by LOSA, the land will be cleared for a parking lot – parking space badly needed as the LOSA program for youth ages 4-15 continues to expand.

“This is part of a 10-year plan I have, but the board of directors has to sign off on it first,” Farrell explained. “I have a vision. I want to create an indoor facility that’s not just for indoor soccer but a multi-sport complex for School of the Osage and Camdenton School districts.”

A lot has to happen well beyond the rezoning. But an expanded parking lot would help accommodate the indoor complex. Farrell sees a building with 16,000 square feet for two soccer fields that can double for other sports. An additional 10,000 square feet of the complex would be used for referee training, coaches’ education, board meetings and to rent out to help cover costs.

“If LOSA gets that done, we’re hoping for some help from the lake community for the building,” Farrell said.

The soccer fields are located at Lake Rd 54-69 and Cape Woods in Linn Creek.

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COVID-19 precautions

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, LOSA will be following some specific guidelines this season:

•Anyone who is experiencing flu-like symptoms should not come to the soccer park at any time.

• There will be only one entrance into the fields and only one exit. The entry and exit will be clearly marked with signage. Attendees are asked to use the correct gate when entering and exiting the facility.

• Everyone will be required to follow Social Distancing Guidelines while at the field. Anyone who is unable to follow these guidelines is asked to wear a mask. Please respect everyone’s space while in the park.

• LOSA will have a social distancing orange line painted along the fan side of every soccer field. This line will be 3 yards (9 feet) from the touch line, providing social distance requirements for all players and referees while the game is in play. Fans are asked not to cross this line at any time before, during or after the game.

•All picnic tables will be removed from the facility for the fall season. 

•There will be no benches put out for players and/or coaches for the fall season. Any player needing a chair to rest on will be allowed to bring one from home. No sharing of chairs will be allowed by players.

•All game balls and goals will be cleaned and sanitized after every single game. During the week, all goals will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day.

• The restrooms will be sanitized every two hours on Saturdays. During the sanitation period, they will be locked for 10 minutes to ensure complete sanitation. During the week, the bathrooms will be sanitized every day.

• The concession stand will be sanitized on a regular basis on Saturdays while in use. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed on each side of the concession stand for public use.

• LOSA will not be providing any equipment for teams this season as to minimize the risk.  All players will be asked to bring their own ball from home.

• LOSA strongly advises against the shaking of hands or the making of “the tunnel” after the end of a game.