Lake of the Ozarks weekend fishing report- July 24, 2020

John Neporadny Jr.
Lake Sun Leader

The lake level was 659.7; generation of 15,000 second-foot day at the beginning of the week to 5,000 second-foot day at the end of the week for a level of 659.7 by the weekend.  Surface temperature at Bagnell Dam was 86 degrees. Truman Lake was at 705.6 level.  

To Note

The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is from the 22- to 38-mile mark, the Upper Osage is from the 38-mile mark to the Route 65 Bridge.

Tournament Results

No tournaments were reported last weekend. 

Bagnell Dam spillway/Osage River 

Water clarity: Stained.  Black bass:  Fair on buzz baits around logs and rock banks on the main channel. White bass:  Fair trolling crankbaits on the main channel. Catfish:  Good on cut shad.

Lower Osage

Water clarity:  Stained.  Black bass:  Fair on Pop-R’s and swimbaits in the mornings on main lake points and pockets or on shaky head worms later in the day around docks.  Crappie: Fair on jigs or minnows at night fishing around dock lights. Catfish:  Good on a variety of baits fishing off docks. 


Water clarity:  Clear. Black bass: Fair at night on 10-inch plastic worms on points and in brush piles 15 to 25 feet deep.   Crappie:  Fair shooting jigs under docks 15 to 20 feet deep and trolling crankbaits on the main lake.  Catfish:  Good drifting cut shad.   


Water clarity:  Clear.  Black bass:  Fair on shaky head magnum finesse worms in brush 15 feet deep along main lake points and rock shelves of bluffs or flipping jigs and spoons to main lake docks.      Crappie: Fair pitching spoons into main lake dock slips. Catfish:  Good drifting cut shad on the main channel. 

Grand Glaize

Water clarity:  Stained.   Black bass:  Fair on Texas-rigged 10-inch plastic worms and jigs 10 to 20 feet deep in brush piles and main lake points. Crappie:  Good on mini-jigs 10 to 12 feet deep in brush and along docks.  Catfish:  Good on foam noodles baited with cut shad. 


Water clarity:  Stained.   Black bass: Fair on topwater lures in the mornings or on Texas-rigged 10-inch plastic worms and jigs on main lake points.   Crappie: Slow trolling crankbaits on the main channel. Catfish: Good drifting with chicken livers. 

Upper Osage

Water clarity:  Clear.    Black bass:  Fair on topwater poppers, buzz baits and Whopper Ploppers early and late in the day or Texas-rigged 10-inch plastic worms and Chatterbaits around shallow docks in the backs of main lake pockets.   Catfish: Good on cut shad for blue catfish or bluegill for flathead catfish. 

Truman Dam spillway

Water clarity:  Clear.  Crappie: Slow on jigs at night. White bass: Slow on jigs at night. 


Guide Alfred Chapman (573-465-3810),;  Big Ed’s Guide Service (573-692-6710);  Guide Jack Uxa (573-434-2570); Guide John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Guide Terry Blankenship (573-480-2835); Guide Jim Dill (573-204-9005); Fitz Fishing (573-693-9299); Bryants Osage Outdoors (573-374-2278); and Ferg’s Bait & Tackle (660-438-7413). Tournament Results—Thanks