Lake of the Ozarks weekend fishing report- July 17, 2020

Lake of the Ozarks.

The lake level was 659.2; generation of 1,300 CFS at the beginning of the week to 5,000 CFS at the end of the week for a level of 659.7 by the weekend. Surface temperature at Bagnell Dam was 86 degrees. Truman Lake was at 706.2 level.


The Lower Osage is from the dam to the 22-mile mark; Mid-Lake is between the 22 and 38-mile marks; the Upper Osage is between the 38 and the Rt. 65 Bridge.


No tournaments were reported last weekend.


Water clarity: Clear. Crappie: Slow on jigs and minnows. White bass and hybrids: Slow on spoons and crankbaits.


Water clarity: Clear. Black bass: Fair at night on 10-inch plastic worms in brush piles 15 to 25 feet deep. Crappie: Fair shooting jigs under docks 15 to 20 feet deep on the main lake. Catfish: Good drifting cut shad.


Water clarity: Stained. Black bass: Fair on topwater poppers, buzz baits and Whopper Ploppers early and late in the day or Texas-rigged 10-inch plum plastic worms around shallow docks and brush piles halfway back in the coves. Crappie: Slow on minnows 14 feet deep around docks or trolling crankbaits along main lake points. Catfish: Excellent tight-lining cut shad off the docks.


Water clarity: Clear. Black bass: Fair to good on topwater lures in the mornings or on Texas-rigged soft plastics, shaky head worms and jigs along main lake flats. Crappie: Slow on minnows for fish suspended 15 to 18 feet over brush piles 25 feet deep. Catfish: Fair on jug lines and drifting with cut shad.


Water clarity: Stained. Black bass: Good on topwater poppers around logs and rock banks on the main channel. Catfish: Good on cut shad in deep holes.


Water clarity: Clear. Black bass: Fair on shaky head magnum finesse worms and 5/8-ounce jigs in brush 15 feet deep along main lake points and rock shelves of bluffs. Crappie: Fair pitching jigging spoons into dock slips 15 to 18 feet deep. Catfish: Good drifting cut shad on the main channel.


Water clarity: Stained. Black bass: Good on Chug Bugs, Whopper Ploppers and jerkbaits in the mornings on main lake points or on Texas-rigged plastic worms and shaky head worms later in the day. Crappie: Fair shooting docks with jigs or pitching jigging spoons into dock wells.


Water clarity: Stained. Black bass: Fair on Texas-rigged 10-inch plastic worms and jigs 8 to 10 feet deep in brush piles and main lake points. Crappie: Good on mini-jigs 10 to 12 feet deep in brush and along docks. Catfish: Good on foam noodles or jug lines baited with cut shad.


Guide Alfred Chapman (573-465-3810),; Big Ed’s Guide Service (573-692-6710); Guide Jack Uxa (573-434-2570); Guide John Blankenbeker (573-280-1455); Guide Terry Blankenship (573-480-2835); Guide Jim Dill (573-204-9005); Fitz Fishing (573-693-9299); Bryants Osage Outdoors (573-374-2278); and Ferg’s Bait & Tackle (660-438-7413). Tournament Results—Thanks to