Camdenton R-III confident in amended budget, though prepared for an uncertain future

Camdenton School District.

Despite recent state withholding of funds, the Camdenton R-III Board of Education approved budget amendments for the upcoming fiscal year Monday. Superintendent Tim Hadfield says that the district is reducing budgeted expenses in the supply and equipment budget due to a loss in approximately $300,000 in state funding. He says they are expecting a similar loss in July. He says these cuts are a direct result of COVID-19.

“We are also unsure if there will be additional withholdings in the future,” Hadfield said. “If state funding is released in the future the district would likely reduce the amount of budget reductions as well.”

Based on the amended budget totals sent by the board in a public agenda, the current totals sit at $20,577,232.07 in the General Fund (Incidental), $28,009,442.52 in the Special Fund (Teacher), $4,305,910.02 in the Debt Service Fund and $2,883,183.94 in the Capital Projects Fund. This brings the total amended budget to $55,775,768.55.

Hadfield says the budget has been crafted in a conservative manner. He says the board is confident in the budget, though is aware that amendments may need to be made in the future.

“Through careful financial planning in the past, our district has strong financial reserves to help in these turbulent times,” Hadfield said.

Though the budget is in a state the Hadfield and the board are confident in, the future of the COVID pandemic is uncertain. With numbers spiking throughout Missouri and the country as a whole, there is no telling how the upcoming school year will be affected. To that end, Hadfield anticipates the uncertainty surrounding the rest of the year to be the district’s biggest challenge.

“The biggest challenge is just not knowing what the future will bring,” Hadfield said.