Camden County Health Department confirms 102 total COVID cases since March

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

As of Monday, Camden County health department confirmed a total of 102 COVID cases since March 21st. they released a statement on the matter, it is as follows:

"As of 730pm today, we have 102 total cases since March 21. 21 are considered active cases and 1 remains hospitalized. 79 have recovered and 2 have died.

All active cases and their contacts are being interviewed by the Health Department staff. Most cases have been mildly ill and are able to care for themselves at home.

PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE SHORTNESS OF BREATH. If you are a close contact and have been instructed to stay home PLEASE DO SO. You can be infectious 2 days before you actually have even the mildest symptoms that you might not recognize as Covid.

Make a personal decision based on your own health and well being whether or not to be out and about. Keep your social distance. Wash your hands frequently. If you can't maintain a safe 6ft social distance, wear a mask if your health allows.

Go to or for the latest information on Covid-19."