Cart Party: Water’s Edge Condominium residents prepare for sixth annual golf cart parade

Lake Sun Leader

The fourth of July is known for a number of iconic themes. Red, white and blue, bald eagles, fireworks and the hot days of summer. However, the residents at Water’s Edge Condominiums are creating their own symbol of the holiday: golf carts.

Dave Shafer, Water’s Edge resident, has been living at the condominium for 10 years now. After moving to the area, he says the idea was formed after a period of time when the use of golf carts around Water’s Edge was disputed by home owners. At a time, there was a divide on the limit of golf carts to be allowed in the area and the number of permits to issue.

However, things changed after the local home owners group decided to open up permit limitations and allow for much easier access. To honor the new ruling, the group started the fourth of July mini parade. For the last six years, the residents have cleaned up their golf carts, donned them in patriotic themes and paraded them around the Water's Edge roads in their own mini parade.

Shafer says the parade started with around 10 carts in the first year, and is expected to see between 40-50 carts in the 2020 parade. Though the parade is not public, he says it helps to bring the Water’s Edge community together. With a number of residents coming out to watch the parade yearly, he says it's become a fun tradition. The group does prize giveaways for the best dressed golf cart, with rewards such as gift cards handed out at the end.

The group won’t be throwing out candy this year because of the COVID pandemic, but Shafer thinks people will be extra excited to have a reason to get out of their homes on the fourth of July and enjoy the holiday.

“It’s one of the most fun things we do all year, everyone has a great time,” Shafer said.

The parade is held on the roads and sidewalks within the Water’s Edge complex.The group will be keeping carts at a distance to stay safe and is looking forward to a hot and sunny holiday.