Camdenton school board Vice-President Nancy Masterson elected President-Elect of MSBA

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

The Camdenton R-III School District congratulates School Board Vice-President Nancy Masterson. Nancy was elected President-Elect of MSBA at their recent virtual delegate assembly. As President-Elect Nancy will automatically become President of MSBA next year.

Masterson currently serves as Vice-President and has served as President of the Camdenton R-III School Board.

Nancy serves on the Camdenton R-III Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Masterson served on the Missouri School Board Association Board of Directors since 2008 representing central Missouri’s Region 8. In June 2019, Nancy was elected to the position of Vice-President of MSBA. This association provides information and services to school boards all across Missouri.

Nancy attended the 2019 National School Board Summer Leadership Seminar last summer and in February 2020 attended NSBA Equity Symposium and Advocacy Institute with other MSBA officers. Through these interactions and discussions Nancy has brought back important information that can be utilized in our district with the expense covered by MSBA.

In Nancy’s recent speech to delegates of MSBA, she spoke of the main issues facing the association in the years ahead:

Adequate funding for public schools - every year we are at the mercy of the state legislature and state economy to provide the dollars to educate students. We must hold our legislators to their promise of fully funding the Education Formula and reimbursing districts for our bus mileage to get children to school.

School safety - children need a safe and environment in which to learn.

Universal pre-school funded by the state would give young children the foundation they will need for greater success in the years ahead of them.

Other relevant issues to address in the future are the impending crisis of teacher shortages, low teacher pay, and educational equity for our students.

Masterson shares, “The task ahead for all school board members is to provide an inspired and quality education for all of our students. Here is the transformation that is needed:

We must prepare young people to become successful adults in careers transformed by technology or careers even yet to be conceived.

We must give them the knowledge and tools to deal with existing social issues and problems and also be prepared to react and solve future issues.

The education they receive today must give them the tools to make them adaptable, problem solvers, and life-long learners.

Our students need to understand that concepts like inquiry, goal-setting, problem solving, and collaboration will serve them throughout their lifetime.”

The Missouri School Boards’ Association is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help school boards ensure all students succeed.