Docked Out: Upgrades to consider to your boat dock this summer

A look at an upgraded dock seen around the lake.

Form vs. function.

It’s an oft-heard principle that means the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. And when it comes to docks at the Lake of the Ozarks, function is the primary focus because of the challenges dock builders have in pitting their structures against the tidal waves created by some boats – and boaters.

Yet, as most recreational boaters have seen, there are some really cool docks scattered around the Lake where form is as important as function. 

People have a nice home at the Lake, and they want a nice dock where they can spend most of their time.

Most clientele want the standard two-well dock with a PWC slip and swim platform. But others are as interested in form for both aesthetics and practicality. If you have two or three boats of various sizes, and a handful of PWC’s and you see your dock as an extension of your home, then dock builders at the Lake can accommodate your pocketbook and vision.

Consider these amenities:

•A storage shed – not just a simple dock locker -- for water toys, tools, a mini-fridge, stereo receiver and more.

•An elevated sunbathing platform that doubles as an extra lounge area.

•One or more sets of versatile swim steps to accommodate the kids, grandkids, mom and pop and even grandma and grandpa. 

•A tiki hut with colorful lights, and a fridge exploding with favorite beverages and a snack or two.

•A full-service bar stocked with your preferred alcoholic beverages and those of your family and friends.

•An entertainment center for watching the game on the big screen with sound power to share with neighbors across the cove.

•A full-service outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances, double sinks – all with a view of the Lake or – once again – at least one flat-screen television.

•An open-air slide or a tunnel-slide that delights both young and old. 

•A dive platform so the more fancifully talented and adventurous types can sharpen their skills or just plain jump from as high as 14 feet above the water. 

•Oversized misting fans for those extra hot summer days.

Honestly, dock builders at the Lake have become creative when it comes to building docks – at the same time making sure the docks can handle rough water and remain attached to the shoreline during some of our spring and summer thunderstorms or a foot of wet snow in early spring.

So, when the weather breaks and we’re beyond the dratted coronavirus that stole our lives for a few months, take a leisurely ride around the Lake and check out what’s new.