Food Network to debut Nautifish Rum Bar episode July 2

Mitch Prentice
Lake Sun Leader

The Lake of the Ozarks will have a spotlight shined on it very soon as Nautifish Rum Bar will be the subject of a new tv series called Undercover Chef, debuting on Food Network July 2 at 9 p.m. CST.

Owner Rob Shields says that the show was filmed over two years ago and was sitting on the shelf for some time. He says he wasn’t sure if anything would even come of it. However, it looks like patience paid off as the bar will be front and center as the show debuts.

“It was a waiting game,” Shields said. “We thought it might happen or it might not.”

The premise of the show is centered around an executive chef travelling the country and meeting local restaurant owners who are hoping to improve their business. Chef Mark Estee, who happens to be a friend of Shields, will be shown coming to the restaurant undercover as a new chef, scouting the location for flaws and speaking with Shields individually about what he would like to improve on. After a few days, Estee will be revealed to staff as the undercover chef and will work to create a new menu, update restaurant equipment and more.

Shields says the show is a great spotlight for the lake and shows the whole area, as well as Nautifish, in a positive way. During the filming, Shields says they had 47 crew members from the Food Network filming and producing the episode. The stayed at Hawks Landing nearby to film one-on-one segments of the show and to hide the production from staff for the big reveal at the end.

The premier party will be the first time Shields and the staff at Nautifish have seen the finished episode, and he says he’s excited to finally see the work that was done. Overall, he says it should be a great thing for the lake.

"These shows really care and we've implemented what they taught us and have an incredible staff this year," Shields said. "People will be able to see the change from the show to now."