Sunrise Beach Little Theatre to host Murder Mystery Puzzle Tournament – Covid Edition

Lake Sun Leader

The Sunrise Beach Little Theatre will be hosting a Murder Mystery Puzzle Tournament– Covid Edition Thursday, July 16 at the Sunrise Beach Community Center (15133 North Hwy 5) in Sunrise Beach.

This murder mystery, set in the 1920s, will be solved by escape room style teams that must complete 10 puzzles to discover “WHO DONE IT!” This will be a timed competition between teams with prizes for the winning team and consolation prizes for all other teams.

Due to safety issues, we are asking audience members to form their own 2 to 4 member teams (teams can be named and/or 1920s costumes worn, optional) Call 573-836-0934 for reservations. Admission will be (lucky) $13.00 for each team member. The number of teams will be limited as each team will compete at their own table social distanced from each other table. In keeping with safety concerns, the theatre will not be providing any food or beverages.

Teams can bring their own food. BYOB allowed and ice will be provided on request. The doors will open at 6:00 for happy/dinner hour with the completion starting at 7:00. Call Cheryl 573-836-2477 for additional information.