Readers' Mailbag: You deserve better, and you deserve to be heard

Dr. Joanna Anderson
Lake Sun Leader

“Letter to the Editor:

On Tuesday, the voters of the Camdenton R-III School District went to the polls to make a statement. They voted “NO” to the annexation into the Ozarks Technical Community College taxing district. Many voters rejected the idea of their real estate and personal property taxes being controlled by a district exponentially larger than themselves. For others, their votes were endorsements of support for the institutions of higher education at the lake, including State Fair Community College, and for that I wish to personally thank you.

The support of our students, faculty, staff, and our community and industry partners, such as Farrell Real Estate, Adient, Quaker Windows, Speedline, and many more is precisely why SFCC has succeeded at the Lake of the Ozarks, and I look forward to cultivating those relationships and developing new ones throughout the community.

That is why I want to recognize there was another voice making a statement Tuesday. There is a group of voters who feel more is needed from higher education at the lake to address the workforce and educational needs. To that group, please know your voices will never fall on deaf ears. I do not attribute the outcome of the election to short-term economic situations or a pandemic, nor would I dismiss the defeat of the tax annexation with bitter resentment and wishes of ill-will to anyone in the lake area. You deserve better, and you deserve to be heard.

To that end, I personally invite the Camdenton city leaders, the Camdenton R-III administration (including the Lake Career and Technical Center), Lake Regional Health System administration, all area business and industry owners and managers, and any community members to meet with me and my leadership team to discuss your needs. I hope you will join me at 11 a.m. Thursday, July 30, on our lake campus to discuss how SFCC can better serve you. If you have training or program needs, we want to work with you to meet them. If you have insight or concerns, we want to hear them. If you are experiencing or anticipating difficulties, we want to help solve them.

This meeting will be followed by a reception in our campus atrium located at 3797 Osage Beach Parkway in Osage Beach. We will follow appropriate health guidelines to address the safety of those attending. It’s about community.”

-Dr. Joanna Anderson, President State Fair Community College