Camdenton Church Reopens for Services June 7; A new beginning at Camdenton United Methodist

Lake Sun Leader

 “I really think our first service back will be rather limited. If they have health concerns, or if they’re just leery about attending, then don’t come,” says Reverend Marc Magana, pastor of the United Methodist Church at Camdenton.

The last service at Camdenton was held March 15, after the advent of the Corona virus curtailed nearly all gatherings countrywide. Reverend Magana says the church planed to record services and post them on U-tube but technical issues led to recording portions of the service, sans parishioners. “Playing the services in blocks on U-tube has supported our local church-goers and also introduced us to folks in Iowa, Florida and Colorado who’ve offered their thanks for sharing. We may never meet some of those out-state people but we have extended our reach in the name of Christ.”

The seating will be limited on the June 7th morning service. Every other pew will provide seats for families. The governor’s no-contact order was set to expire on May 31st but has been extended into the middle of June so the church will still observe the six-foot distancing rule. “We expect to seat 30 people verses 200 on a normal Sunday. Chairs will be added to the fellowship hall as needed.”

“A church north of us has been able to reach out via FM car radio to folks parked in their parking area. We tried to obtain the FM equipment for our church but it just could not be found in time.”

The church will have masks and hand sanitizer for any who attend. The church choir and hand bells have been set aside until fall. A church organist will play hymns as usual but out loud singing is canceled for now.

The Reverend Magana counts 22 years of service at Camdenton United Methodist and before that, churches elsewhere in Missouri since 1978 for a total of 40 years in the United Methodist system. And, it’s not just a restart for the local church. Reverend Magana will retire this month. His last service will be June 21.