Camdenton police release statement on possible weekend protests

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

The statement reads as follows:

Camdenton Police understands there are posts on social media about a possible protest on the square in Camdenton on Sunday June 7 from 12:003:00 PM regarding the death ofGeorge Floyd in Minnesota. 

First, I want to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends ofGeorge Floyd,the people of Minnesota and all those impacted by recent events.Law enforcement's goal has always been serve and protect so this death is truly a tragedy. The majority of law enforcement officers are professional and dedicated to safety of citizens and their communities so it saddens us greatly when this goal is not upheld. 

While the post encourages a PEACEFUL protest,some of the other protests in Missourihave not been. 

The constitution of the United States protects the freedom of speech. As such,we plan to work with Camden County Sheriff's Department, other emergency services and localbusinesses to help ensure the protest remains peaceful

I understand some citizens may be considering attending with opposing views. Bothsides have a right to free speech but since this topic can be very emotional,we urge everyone to use good judgmentso this event remains peaceful. This is our communityso be please kind to each other and respect each other viewpoints