Camden County Commission announces creation of COVID-19 nurse position

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

Camden County Commission has released a statement, officially announcing the creation of a COVID-19 nurse position within county buildings. The statement reads as follows:

"Several weeks ago, the judges and other officials employed in the Justice Building requested ameeting with the county commission to discuss their concerns relating to the covid virus and thethree-stage re-opening procedure mandated by the Missouri Supreme Court. The focus of theirconcerns involved how to best conduct trials and other official hearings while keepingofficials,staff and the public safe. They pointed out that, once jury trials are reinstituted, there will attimes be over a hundred citizens in the building at once. 

Theypointed out that other counties have appointed what they termed a “covid officer” or “covidcompliance officer” to perform functions such as marking off social distancing areas in theircourthouses and to sanitize furniture, railings and various areas before and after court hearings.Further, they requested that the county commission create a similar position to perform suchfunctions here in the Camden County courthouse. Other possible methods, such as UV lightingsystems, were discussed but, as those methods have not been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective, they were decided against. 

As the courthouse has completely reopened and all county employees are back to work full time, there were no existing county employees to fill the position. Consequently, the commission is in the process of creating a Covid 19 Nurse position. This employee will keeping all publicly accessible areas of the Justice Building and potentially other county buildings sanitized. This person will work under the direction of the Emergency Management Agency. They are scheduled for only an initial 6 month period, after which the position will bere-evaluated. 

Despite the many rumors and false information being spread on face book and in some media,this position has absolutely nothing to do with contact tracing, enforcement nor compliance of any kind. It is merely a position that is being created at the request of the justice officials in aneffort to keep staff and the public safe while they are in the courthouse. "