Camden County Commission release statement on busy weekends at the lake during COVID pandemic

Press Release
Lake Sun Leader

The Camden County commission have released a statement surrounding the past weekends of busy lake activity. The letter reads as follows:

"With the Lake of the Ozarks recently being the focus of national media attention, the Camden County Commission would like to take this opportunity to publiclythank allofour residents and local businesses, especially thoseinthe hospitality,tourism and food and beverages industries. The lake has enjoyed severalextremely busy and successful weekends, marking an excellent start to our summerseason,whichwebelieve will continue to besuccessful. Thatsaid,wewouldliketo address the current controversy in detail. 

The early days of the COVID pandemic were frightening.The virus threatened all ofus,our entire nation and even the world.None ofusknew exactly what this wouldmeanfor thepeopleofCamdenCounty. Thecommissionwas concerned that thepublicspreadofthevirusbehaltedbeforeMemorial Day came to mark thebeginning of thesummerseason. Though thepublichealth orders causeddifficulties for all of us, they did their job. The last known publicly-spread caseoccurredapproximately8weeksago. Threeweeksafterthatcase came tolight, with the lack ofnewcases indicating that thepublicspreadhad beenstopped, thecommissionrescindedall county health orders,allowingtimeforourlocalbusinesses to prepare for Memorial Day weekend.Theresultwasanoverwhelminglysuccessful holiday, as tourists flocked to our beautiful lake andthe great establishments that serve them

Camden Countyisa community that came together. Despite the difficultiesitcaused for everyone, our residents and businesses complied with the county and state orders. And the result is that Camden County has experiencedafrankly amazingly low rate of infection. In a county of almost 45,000 residents and tens of thousandsofvisitors,wehavehad only 37 confirmedcases. 35ofthosehavealready recovered.Thereiscurrently only one active case in the entire county.Those are incredibly low numbers.The number of calls to the County'sCoronavirus Hotline,that offered free delivery of food and medicine to vulnerable people, have dropped to only one or two per week and will be discontinued soon. It has been the cooperation and teamwork of our entire county that has made all this possible. Camden County has done its part. 

Approximately 800,000 people visited the Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend.Reportedly,one person out of those hundreds of thousandsofvisitors has been diagnosed with covid. To date,there have been nonewcaseswithinCamdenCounty.Again,thisisanincrediblylowinfectionrate. Therefore,thecommission sees no need whatsoevertoimpose new public health orders. 

Our community has doneanexceptional job of dealing with this pandemic. However, we recognize that it is not over. The County Health Department willcontinue to monitor the public health situation.We encourage everyone to followthe social distancing guidelines issuedbythe state. Thecommissionwill continuetogiveawayfree hand sanitizer andfacemasksthroughoutthesummertoanyonewhoneedsthem

The commissionisenthusiasticoptimistic and confident,excited for the brightandpositive summer we expect to see this year. Aswecontinue workingtogether,ourlocal economy willthrive, ourpeoplewill remain safe, and Camden Countywillcontinueto be thebestplace intheMidwesttoliveandvacation. "