Frogging season just around the corner in Missouri

DEREK WARNKE, Missouri Department
Frogging season begins June 30 at sunset and runs through Oct. 31. Bullfrogs (pictured) and green frogs are legal game for those with valid permits, though children 15 and younger and adults 65-years and older are not required to have a permit.

This is Camden County Conservation Agent Derek Warnke reminding everyone that frogging season begins June 30 at sunset and ends Oct. 31. Missouri has two frog species that are legal game: bullfrog and green frog.

The daily limit is eight frogs of both species combined. Daily limits end at midnight so froggers who catch their daily limits before midnight and then want to return for more after midnight must remove the daily limit of previously caught frogs from the waters or banks and label them before returning for more.

Frogging can be done with either a fishing permit or a small-game hunting permit and the use of an artificial light is permitted when frogging. Children under the age of 16 and Missouri residents 65 years of age or older are not required to have a permit. If you would like more information about which permit fits your needs, contact your local conservation office.