Former School Resource Officer charged with sexual contact with student

Joyce L. Miller

A former Osage Beach Police/School Resource officer has been charged with sexual contact with a student and providing pornographic material to a minor following an investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Jenna Jackson, 26, was employed with the police department as a temporary school resource officer for School of the Osage High School when the allegations surfaced. The relationship allegedly ended in March of 2020 at the end of the school year. The student involved in the alleged relationship was identified in court documents as a senior.

The investigation stemmed from a report made to a school administrator alleging Jackson was attending parties with students and having a relationship with a student in January of this year. The school conducted an investigation but determined the allegations were rumors with no substantiating evidence.

Osage Beach Police Chief Todd Davis requested an investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

According to court documents, the highway patrol questioned multiple students who admitted seeing a nude photo of Jackson that she had allegedly shared with a student.

The student allegedly involved in the relationship with Jackson alleged they had first started talking around Christmas of 2019. Jackson allegedly shared the photographs with him around that time. He admitted to the two “hanging out” together at various times.

In an interview with Jackson, she allegedly admitted following a polygraph test, that she had close contact with the student. A student who knew Jackson alleged the school resource officer had shared with her that she was interested in the young man but had asked her not to share the information with anyone.

Jackson told investigators she was in a deteriorating relationship with her fiancé. She allegedly admitted to sharing the photographs of herself with the student.