Miller County fights drug crime

Miller County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

On August 11, 2021, the Miller County Circuit Court ordered seizure of $4,656.50 in two lawsuits brought by Miller County Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Winfrey on behalf of the State of Missouri.

In State v. Raney, 18ML-CC0031, the Court granted judgment in favor of the State and ordered forfeiture of $2,476.00 and in State v. Distler, 16ML-CC0037 the Court granted seizure of $2,170.50. In both cases, defendants previously were prosecuted and convicted for drug-related criminal activity. Ricky Distler was sentenced to five (5) years in prison for the crime of possession of controlled substance in October 2016. Kelley Raney was sentenced to ten (10) years in prison for the crime of Second-Degree Trafficking of a Controlled Substance.

Missouri’s CAFA statute allows prosecutors to seize and forfeit property on behalf of the State that is “used or intended for use in the course of, derived from, or realized from” criminal conduct. The money is subsequently distributed to the local community and schools.

“Missouri’s CAFA statute grants prosecutors an important tool in fighting drug crime in Miller County and the state of Missouri. We hope to eliminate the financial incentive for drug dealers to sell drugs in Miller County by hitting them in their wallets," Miller County Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Winfrey said.

All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and allegations of a crime are not evidence of guilt.

For more information, please contact the Miller County Prosecuting Attorney at (573) 369-1940.