Continue supporting our healthcare workers

Joe Register

Allow me take you back nearly two years ago during the early stages of the pandemic. So much sickness, tragedy, and death. Frontline workers doing their best to treat ailments and save lives of those affected by Covid-19. Doctors, nurses, administration, and hospital staff revered as heroes for battling an obscure, novel viral disease. Still, the Delta variant of the virus has these frontline workers continuing to fight to save lives. Lately, Lake Regional Hospital System has taken criticism on social media for the decision to not use certain treatments that are unapproved for Covid-19. We seem to have lost our ability to empathize with those still on the frontlines of this battle.

So, here’s to the nurses. All they do is care. God bless them all and only God knows how much of themselves they are giving right now.

Here’s to the doctors. They care too, of course. Maybe not as intimately as the nurses, but they make the calls on treatments and they give the bad news when it has to come. It must be tough to know, and to let their patients know, the limits of what they can do.

Here’s to all the folks who keep the place running. I hope they get to spend most their off time secure in the knowledge they are parts of maintaining an essential community service.

Here’s to the administrators and the policy decision makers. Yes the hospital has to make enough money to stay in business. That is the American way. But despite what you might have read in comments on local social media, I believe these people as a whole, probably unanimously, are in their business more for the satisfaction of knowing they are helping this community. No, despite what you may read, I imagine not a single one of these people deliberately requires the hospital to withhold any treatments they believe are safe and available, for Covid or anything else. Yes they have to worry about lawsuits. They have a lot to worry about right now and they really don’t need to be spend their time responding on Facebook to people who know far less about the Covid surge than they do but who feel like they need to speak publicly anyway.

Here’s to the ones who just couldn’t handle the stress and the worry over their own health, over the past year and a half, and who made the decision to leave. There’s no way the rest of us are in any position to judge what they have gone through and what they felt they needed to do.

Thank you all for being here when we need you.

With Our Very Best Regards,

- Joe Register, Chairman

Camden County Democratic Committee