Delinquent tax sale coming up for tri-county area

Lake Sun staff

County collectors in the tri-county area are gearing up for the annual delinquent tax sale. Hundred of parcels of land in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties will be included in the sale on Mon., Aug. 23.

By Missouri state law, any parcel of land which has not had property taxes paid for three years must go to auction to pay for the back taxes. While some counties take a hard line, sending properties to auction after only one year of delinquent taxes, Morgan, Camden and Miller counties follow the letter of the law placing them up after three. The sales are held at the county courthouses on the fourth Monday in August each year.

Even after the auction, owners have the opportunity to pay off the taxes and regain ownership of their land. They have one year, unless the property has been delinquent six years, in which case the period of redemption is 90 days. These steps must be followed: ‒ Pay the tax and additional fee amounts due at the time of the sale, plus a 10 percent interest. ‒ Pay the amount of any subsequent years’ taxes paid, plus 8 percent interest. ‒ Pay the costs of the title search, certified mailing fees, and for recording the release of the certificate of purchase. ‒ The Collector’s office will notify the Certificate of Purchase holder when the property has been redeemed.

The list of properties subject to sale is published for three consecutive weeks prior to the sale. The list is also published on the each collector’s website.

The sale is conducted by each collector with beginning bids for the amount of taxes, penalties, and sales costs.Purchaser must be present to bid.

Each parcel offered for sale is individually identified by a brief legal description.

Bidding is restricted to Missouri residents. By state law, no bid can be received from any person not a resident of the state of Missouri or a foreign corporation or entity all deemed nonresidents.

Bidders must be registered for the sale prior to the the beginning of the auction. Registration information is available by calling the county collector’s office or visiting their websites.