Election Day disruption ends in arrest

Lake Sun staff
There was only one issue on the ballot in Camden County during Tuesday's election.

Election Day took a surprising turn at the Autumn Village voting precinct when a man disrupted the election for a few minutes before taking off on foot and heading to a nearby resort.

According to the Camden County Clerk's office, election judges reported the man entered the polling location early in the day. When asked if he wanted to vote, he replied no, he couldn't but he did want to see the building.

Within a minute or so, the judges heard some crashing noises coming from the back of the building and the man was heading out the door. He turned around and came back in where he was confronted by the judges before he bolted back out the door. From there, the suspect is believed to have broken into the office at Rippling Waters where he pulled a knife on an employee before being taken into custody by the sheriff's department.

The suspect allegedly destroyed the Internet modem/server after breaking into the office there. The damage did not impact any election equipment. Election equipment does not use the Internet.

The name of the suspect has not been released pending possible charges.