Rep. Lisa Thomas addresses key issues at Lake of the Ozarks

Joyce L. Miller
Several key areas have been identified as needing to be looked at more closely when it comes to issues impacting Lake of the Ozarks, according to State Rep. Lisa Thomas, R-124.

With her first legislative session and town hall meeting behind her, State Rep. Lisa Thomas, R-124, is ready to take an in-depth look at the issues and open the door to more conversations with constituents and agencies involved with Lake of the Ozarks.

Thomas said she is committed to seeing lake-specific issues addressed and resolved to ensure the lake is the safest and most desirable place to live, work, recreate, and visit/vacation.

Thomas held her first town hall meeting in mid-July, hoping to learn more about problems constituents are bringing to her office. From that meeting, Thomas said she has identified three key areas that are drawing the most attention from constituents.

“My motivation was all of the citizen concerns regarding Lake-specific issues that I and my office receive. In addition to responding to individual questions and problems, I decided it was time to address these issues in a wider format,” she said. “We are a unique District due to having the Lake run through us, which provides wonderful living, working, and recreating opportunities. By the same token, it can sometimes be difficult to balance the needs and desires of these groups. This is being exacerbated by the rapid growth we have been experiencing.”

The Town Hall was designed as a listening and preliminary problem-solving meeting for residents, vacationers, visitors, and businesses in her district.

From the town hall, Thomas said she has identified three key areas that she feels need to be looked at more closely:

• Boat issues  (number, size, speed, wakes, rentals)

• Cove issues (no wake and/or no anchor designation, dock damage, seawall erosion)

• General safety issues (buoys, signage, life jackets, education for all boaters but especially renters and new owners).  

“These clearly can and do overlap. In addition to providing individual intervention on some particularly urgent situations, I am intending to host followup meetings on each of the above three topics,” Thomas said. “This will hopefully include even more citizens and businesses with these same issues as well as specific stakeholders who have the power to enact change.”

Thomas is planning to schedule the next meeting for late August.

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