No asbestos found after inspection of Camden County building

Falsehoods continue to be promulgated on social media regarding the quality of the building.

Lake Sun Leader

The Camden County Commission issued a press release after concerns were raised about the possible presence of asbestos in the Hugh Phillips Annex, located across the street from the Camden County Courthouse.

According to the release issued on Thursday, the County Commission invited the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to perform an asbestos inspection. The results showed no asbestos risk.

A certified asbestos inspector collected samples throughout the building and sent them for testing. Compliance with Missouri Air Conservation Law and all applicable regulations were evaluated by DNR.

Despite showing there is no asbestos risk, the commission has decided to have all county properties inspected for asbestos.

Prior to being purchased by the county, the Hugh Phillips Annex served as a functioning law office for over 70 years. In 1986 and again in 2002, additions were made to the building. Architectural plans and drawings were provided to the city of Camdenton on both of those occasions. The city inspected and approved the building both times, bringing the eventual size of the structure to over 12,000 square feet. When Camden County purchased the building for $600,000 in 2019, the Hugh Phillips Annex had been appraised at $720,000.

However, despite the documented appraisal value; despite the architectural plans, drawings and repeated city inspections and approvals; and despite the structure functioning as a professional office building for over 70 years; falsehoods continue to be promulgated on social media regarding the quality of the building. As this recent declaration of compliance by DNR demonstrates once again, those rumors are false. The commission has repeatedly invited any inspection by any governmental entity at any level at any time. It will continue to do so in order to expose the falsehoods on social media, the release states.