Man arrested for making terrorist threat

Lake Sun staff

A 33-year-old Versailles man is behind bars on $100,000 bond facing a felony charge of making a terrorist threat to blow up his workplace.

The Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney’s office charged Yassine Bouyassine late last week with one count of making a terrorist threat. Bouyassin allegedly made remarks to co-workers that he was going to blow up the Gates Corporation factory where he works in Versailles. Two employees reported the allegations to a supervisor who notified law enforcement.

According to court documents, Bouyassin allegedly also referenced shooting up the factory. The comments were allegedly made while working on the assembly line. At one point, the defendant allegedly made shooting motions and said he would warn them before he blows it up and laughed after making that statement.

It is unclear if the alleged remarks were intended as a threat.

Bouyassine was arrested without incident on his way home from work.

Under the conditions listed on the warrant, if released on bond, the defendant is barred from being within one mile of the Gates manufacturing plant, prohibited from having any contact with any employees, and was forced to surrender his passport. A bond hearing has been scheduled for July 20 in Morgan County before Associate Circuit Court Judge Stephen Grantham.

Under Missouri law, a terrorist threat can be generally defined as communicating a threat to commit a violent crime that would inflict severe bodily injury or does serious damage or harm to property.