On the road for Wonderland

Two Lake area runners participate in 500K across Tennessee for charity

Charis Patires
Lake Sun Leader
Scott Page and Alysia Maschino will be participating in the annual Vol-State 500K for Wonderland Camp this week.

While everyone was grilling hot dogs and hamburgers this weekend, two local runners have been gearing up to participate in a 314-mile race to benefit Wonderland Camp.

Long-distance running, marathons and endurance races are not unfamiliar for Scott Page and Alysia Maschino but traveling the length of Tennessee in the annual Vol-State 500K is a race like no other  — one that will test their physical and mental capabilities. The race begins July 9 in Dorena Landing, Mo. and ends in Castle Rock, Ga. winding through small towns, along highways, up mountains and across rivers. The name of the race refers to the “Volunteer State” earned due to the number of soldiers that volunteered during the War of 1812.

Participants have 10 days to finish this go-at-your-own-pace race which draws about 120 people. They must check in every 12 hours and can sleep in hotels but most people just find a spot to rest for a couple of hours.

“We have a plan knowing we will never be able to stick to the plan,” Page said. They expect to average 36 to 38 miles a day, finishing in just under nine days, and will avoid being out on the course during the heat of the day.

“The compounding of the miles and the heat gets to people,” Page said.

To prepare, they’ve been going on longer runs and walking a lot more every day since the 500K will require them to slow down in order to finish.

“We are runners and when you walk a lot, that works your body totally different,” Maschino said.

Maschino has never participated in a multi-day race and has doubled her miles per week since January to prepare. She also has a good pair of trail sandals broken in.

Last year Page had entered the race but dropped out about 125 miles in when a colleague’s family members passed away — it was the only time he’s never finished a race.

Both will carry a hydration vest, snacks, hats, first aid kits and phone chargers. Page is equipped with a variety of blister ointments/preventatives since foot care is critical. Maschino said sleep is so important to her that she’s bringing a blow-up pillow and lightweight blanket for added comfort. She’s also packed some essential oils and CBD cream to help with aches and pains.

They will stop at convenience stores for other necessities and food along the way.

“I’m one of those people who likes that feeling of exhaustion. I feel that I’ve accomplished something,” Page said. “With Alicia going along, we will stay together the whole time and make it as fun as we can.”  

“I’m looking forward to finishing the race,” Maschino said. “There’s going to be a lot of challenges to overcome and figuring things out along the way. It will be quite an adventure.”

One of the things keeping them motivated is knowing there are friends and family cheering them on, and raising money for Wonderland Camp. Donors can make a contribution for every mile they complete or donate a flat amount. They will document their journey through FundRuns on Facebook with live updates and posts.

The goal is to raise $5,000 for Wonderland Camp, a summer camp located in Rocky Mount for people with disabilities. Donate to www.wonderlandcamp.org by clicking on the donate button on the homepage or go to

Big Run, Bigger Fun - PledgeIt.org.