No signs of slowing down for recreational boating

Marine dealers say start now if you plan to purchase a boat in 2022

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Marine dealers may be on track for  another record-setting year for boats sales. After experiencing a high demand for new and pre-owned boats in 2020 as people took to the water for recreation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the market continues to be show signs of growth. Lake of the Ozarks is considered a hub for the marine industry in Missouri, rivaling other areas of the state and nation for boat and personal watercraft sales.

Late last week, the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association announced the annual fall boat show was being postponed. The September Boat Show has always been billed as an “end of current model year” clearance show. As 2021 saw many local boat dealers across the nation with record sales numbers for 2021, the LOMDA board of directors made the decision to cancel out of concern for the shortage of current model year product for their boating customers and the many show attendees, and that as a result, that the association could not promote a full show as attendees were used to seeing in years past.

The trend in recreational boating is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to a statement provided by LOMDA, all of the local dealer members have reacted and have been very aggressive with their purchases of product to ensure an abundance of watercraft for the upcoming 2022 boating season. These dealers are, however, highly encouraging potential shoppers that are wanting to get a new boat for 2022, to have that dialogue with your dealer now to ensure spring delivery in 2022.

LOMDA will be featuring the new 2021 product lines at the association’s 2022 Overland Park Boat Show that runs from Jan. 27 thru Jan. 30, 2022 and at the St. Charles Boat Show Mar. 3 thru Mar. 6, 2022. Products for 2022 will be delivered and on exhibit.

Mike Kenagy, the Marine Dealers Association’s Executive Director said, “with the influx of new Lake of the Ozarks homeowners moving into our area, the demand for watercraft has been high. Our local marine dealers have done an excellent job in getting those new residents the boats they need so that they can enjoy the water in their new home here at the lake”.

Mark Maasen, President of the Marine Dealers Association said with the boat manufactures coming back online after an unprecedented year in 2021, “we see the opportunity for product at the lake to increase like we have never seen before for 2022 and on.”

The Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association is made up of over 40 lake area marine dealers, representing all the top lines of boats, marine accessories, docks, personal watercraft and everything else to promote fun on our local waters.

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