Summer school at Camdenton begins

Joyce L Miller
Kids attending summer school at the Camdenton School District.

With so many options for summer fun, convincing kids to take part in summer school can be a challenge but most experts agree, learning over the summer break can help prevent students from falling behind.

More than 500 Camdenton students have opted to spend part of their summer vacation learning, some in-class taking a more traditional approach while others are taking part in virtual programs.

J.D. Hunter, assistant high school principal and summer school director, said the programs offered by Camdenton during the summer program offer a variety of learning experiences for students depending on their class level.

For grades K-8, summer school is a remedial program that uses a seated learning approach. For lower elementary students, that means targeted reading and math support based off each student’s needs in small group settings of no more than five students. That allows more attention for each student.

“In addition, students participate in large group reading and math actitities outside of their targeted support areas,” he said. “Intermediate and middle school, grades 5-8, use small group activity as well to help students avoid summer slide which also helps them grow stronger in areas that have been identified.”   

For grades 5-8, students transition between three blocks, STEM, language arts and math. The small group approach allows students to work with teachers on essential standards in all three blocks. The smaller number of students allows for more hands-on learning, Hunter said.

high school students can choose from over 70 courses and attend virtually. Students do not have to be seated in order to participate, but the high school does have several staff members in the commons each day of summer school to assist students who have questions about what they are learning, or need assistance with technical issues for the devices they are using to learn with. Hunter said students may find themselves in need of help with both. The program offers day and evening hours on designated days, so students who work have access to assistance that fits their schedule.

“Camdenton’s virtual summer school for high school students allows students to recover credits from class that they did not pass the first time while also allowing them to earn credits in courses they have not yet taken to be used towards graduation.

“Basically, with over 70 classes offered through the virtual summer school program, any student can use both June and July to earn up to two full credit which can really free up time during the school year and allow students the chance to focus more on their pathway, taking courses in a specific area without worrying about earning enough required credits to graduate,” Hunter said. “Plus, the course offerings in summer school allows students to take classes Camdenton does not normally offer, such as German, Japanese and other challenging and fun classes as well.”

Hunter said Camdenton has 365 high schools students taking part in summer school. Elementary and intermediate enrollment for the summer seated learning program is up to 272 students.